Monday, October 6, 2008

Making plans

We apologize that we haven't had any recent entries, life goes on while we are making plans.

J3 and I have had little time to explore "us" and the fetish world we both enojy.
One day after the kidlet went off to school. Jim was puttering about and I was doing my eBay selling thing, when he announces hes going to the barn and I was to get out the sleepsack and be ready in 10 mins. A smile grew over my face and I immediately went to the bedroom closet to take out the sleep sacks. We have a larger one that is mine. And a smaller one that J3 gets in when he allows me to tease him and help him soar to places he takes me. I tried getting into mine and it was just too big. So I proceeded to get into his. This would have never have been attempted 10 months ago. I wouldn't have fit.

Surprise! I fit inside his sleep sack and had room left! So when he returned he found me inside waiting for him to zip me. Which he did with ease! He then placed the blindfold over my eyes and the big ball gag into my mouth then he proceeded to flip me over. When I was on my tummy he asked "Do you want me to lube your ass?" I mumbled through the gag "yes" I heard him go into the drawer and then felt the cold lube being dripped onto my ass and drip down my cunt. I felt him pull me towards him and his cock on my asshole. He was force full at first and I moaned. He Asked "slow down?" I mumbled again "yes". Then he slowly filled my ass with his cock. Then harder and deeper with each thrust. It felt so wonderful. I wanted to cum right then. He then in a low voice said "scream for me my slut" "louder". And my moans (though muffled) were louder and louder as he instructed as he pounded my ass with his hard dick. I knew he was close to cumming. Faster and harder he continued until he filled my ass with his creamy liquid.

He took me out of the sack and held me for a few hours. I felt wanted ,needed and used. His...his forever. I was just smiling and cooing as he stoked my hair and whispered how wonderful he thinks I am. and how fortune we both are.

And we are!!

J3 and I have often spoke about me exploring my domme side. I do think all women are beautiful. And have often fantasized about Domming another woman. I know that he feels secure in our relationship and would allow me to explore if we found the right person.

We had placed a profile at and talked to a few women. That ultimately turned out to be men pretending to be women. GASP!

So we browse the profiles from time to time. Never really expecting to find a real woman.

I guess J3 had looked at this one woman's profile enough to ge her attention. I believe she replied with are you just going to look? Or are you going to say something....or something along those lines.

A long story short. We chatted and actually found we had a lot of common lifestyle acquaintances. Like the West Michigan Rope group that we have attended.
Now we hadn't been in a long time due to my illness and life really. So we planned on meeting her for breakfast and following her to the rope meet for this month.
It was going to be nice to see all the people from the group. It's a great bunch of people that don't make you feel like outsiders like some of the groups in the area do.

In my past experiences, if you weren't there from the beginning in the group and involved with the people who to me are mostly offensive and carry themselves wit an air of self-satisfied superiority in matters of taste or intellect,then you don't..and wont feel comfortable attending.

Its not like that at all in the rope meets.

So we met her for breakfast. Everyone seemed to get along well and she was really sweet.I could relate to her. Which if you know me, getting along with women is difficult as I have always been sorta a square peg.

After breakfast I rode with her in her car and J3 followed behind.
We had a great time at the rope meeting and I invited her to come back to the house.

We had Chinese and spent the evening waiting for someone to get slapped on TV.:P
I think Ive found a wonderful friend~maybe someday I can make her purr...I would love to get to know her better and explore worlds I have imagined and realms I want to delve into.

Oh yeah and hopefully we will have a special announcement to share by the months end.

that's all for now-

Be well

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