Friday, May 7, 2010

Friends from and Amazing Blogs

Hello Readers!
So par for the course, we have had little pervy time as of late.
The terrorist is back home and that makes it sort of difficult to schedule"us" time.
We have hope that in the next 2 years that's all going to change.
Fingers crossed!
But we have had a chance to make a few new friends with some amazingly interesting folks!

Jim and I have a few blogs that we read regularly.
A select few writers have inspired us to start writing our own blog. The blog that inspired us the most has got to be This girl !
She has an amazing blog! Her writing always blows us away.
She comes across with sincerity and shares a part of her world with her readers that we feel is a privilege to read because you don't find to many people that are willing to share the unvarnished, unshackled version of their journey with others.

She does! And we wait each week with anticipation to follow the adventures of her and Master Grimly, we love peeking in on where he takes her next.

I believe she started writing her blog in 2006 and I know after Jim and I read site a few times we really wanted to start writing our own blog.
Basically to document our own unique journey.

So Sometime in late October of 2007 we started our own blog.

Another great blogger is trintypup. She and her Master Singleglove are also contenders for the most fortunate couple award.
Still...we believe that we have won 1st place in this category.

These two share the same views on kink that we do. And trinty pup is a

remarkable writer. She has a way of bringing you into their world up-close and personal!

We also look forward to their adventures and love the way their relationship often mirrors our own.

And while we will continually search for all things pervy, a lot of the people we now consider our "online" friends have been found via

We have so many online friends now, that I wouldn't dare list them one by one, I would surely forget someone and then I would feel awful.

We value all of our friendships we have online. And we are looking forward to meeting some of them in person in the near future!

We are grateful to have found so many people that are just as pervy as we are.

For a long time Jim and I both thought we were unique, square pegs that didn't fit into that round hole society wants us to.

When we met, we both limited the information we shared with each other on how extreme our perversions were for fear of the other running far, far away when they heard just how hardcore each others kink was.

Luckily we have a deep, no filtered communication partnership and it has and always will be that way. And that's one of the reasons our relationship stays so strong.

And while we still don't fit into that mammoth encircling crack, we continue to communicate, respect and trust one another.

Any less and we wouldn't be the pervy loving couple we are today.

BDSM Social Networking

No Really...there are places for kinksters like us!

Fetlife is a FREE Social Network for the BDSM & fetish community.

We had been using other BDSM social networks to find like minded people to "friend" and chat with about our "pervy side" but we also wanted to share experiences other people.

The sites we frequented just seemed to be too many people that were pretending to be someone they were not. Men saying they were a woman or someone that wanted to meet friends, but when it came time to meet them they always had an excuse as to why they couldn't meet face to face.

I am sure you can relate to what I am saying if you've been to most of the social networking sites we have seen. I won’t mention any of these sites by name.
I wouldn't want to offend anyone who thinks these sites are worth visiting.

So after a lot of searching Jim and I found Fetlife. And like I mentioned before, we have found some fantastic people from this site and we feel that we are really fortunate to call them friends.

There are so many people that write blogs or just information on Kink in the community that we couldn't ever keep up with them all.

So Jim likes to scan through peoples profiles and has linked his way to a lot of great Kink, information and BLOGS!

This brings us to the reason I am writing this entry today, Jim found MasterDodge on Fetlife via his Angelslave. He was blown away by Angelslaves blog and wanted to let her Master know what a wonderful blog she keeps and that we think her writing is amazing!

Jim wrote MasterDodge through Fetlife and part of that first message reads:

"And to give you a preview of the direction of how we are thinking of responding about Angelslaves post, somewhere in our response will have to be these lines.... "To everyone that has ever felt that they are so different and losing hope for true happiness, this is the blog entry that you must read."

While communicating with MasterDodge, Jim found that another amazing individual was responsible for both behind the scenes web design and content at Angelslave and his site is BondageMotion .

We were really humbled when "A" said to us that our "blog blew him away" and then the shocker was that he asked us if we would contribute to his Bondage Motion site.

Really we are just a couple of loving perv's who like to read about other kinkster's adventures and share ours with whomever is willing to listen.
Because we feel we are the most fortunate people to have found one another and share what we do, we wanted to let other people who feel like they are lost and will never be found, or have been called a freak that sometimes dreams do come true.

And other people who have a different way of looking at love do exist. Please... never stop searching for your soul mate.
Because somewhere out there, they are looking for you to. So! a heartfelt thank-you To MasterDodge, his Angelslave, and Asarielslave for keeping such a fantastic account of your journey and family.

We LOVE your blog and cant wait to read more! It’s always nice to meet new people and then to be able to call them friends...well that's just a bonus! Also a thanks for putting us in touch with "A".

And to "A" from ;
We really are humbled and are looking forward working with you and hope we can learn much from your marvelous talents and are also very providential
to call you a friend. What a fantastic job this man does with both sites!

So please click the links and go explore all the amazing content these people have to offer and are putting forward for the world to see.
We think once you've read some of the content you will be floored when you read how sincere and "REAL" these fine folks are.
Be Well- Wendy and Jim


Anonymous said...

Hey, guys! Thanks so much for your latest post - we appreciate it and feel honoured that you really enjoy trinity-pup's blog. We also very much admire your work and always look forward to seeing the next instalment of your exploits. It feels so good to know that we aren't alone!

Be well,

Master SG

Single said...

Hello, guys! Thanks ever so much for namechecking trinity-pup's blog. We really enjoy reading yours, too - it feels as though we have a great deal in common, and it's a great feeling to know that there are like-minded people out there who just can't get enough of that kink! ;-)

All the best,

Singleglove (pup's Master) x

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Haven De Lancret said...

Thanks for some great new sites to read. I have found many other great people (both local and world wide) on FetLife.

Keep up the good work!

-Haven De Lancret