Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A True Story, and BIG EVENT

Wendy digs eBay a lot. NO, I don't dig Ebay a lot....You can find some good deals....but I am not addicted to it as you make it sound! lol

Females must have some sort of "twisted" chromosome (raises my hand... "I know one that has a really twisted set." Sit down, smart guy) that causes them to check out scented things, you know... candles, lotions, incense. And I like her choices. I especially like the lotions that she uses on me for a full body massage. Candles lit in front of mirrors, flickering shadows, radio playing softly in the background, I lost track of time while she turned me into"Jimmy Butter."

Well, some females don't like smelly stuffs..I happen to love them! And I also enjoy turning you into "Jimmy Butter"!

She's laying on top of me and says,"Thirteen Songs."


"Your massage lasted thirteen songs."

And on a Classic Rock station at that.
Thankfully there was no tornado or fire because she would have had to drag me off the bed and roll me down the stairs to get me out the door.

Clears throat, now where were we? Oh yeah... eBay. We also search for fetishy things and are accumulating an ever growing collection. Semi pervy, pervy and a few things just absolutely downright bizarre. We are all over the place. One day she finds this great pair of black, thigh high, back laced, rounded toe, platforms. "Wow... those will look great on you." After about a week of watching and checking and rebidding every time she walks past a computer, she wins the auction. Great looking boots, good price, can't wait for her to wear them for us. I asked her the same day she won them, "Mailman come yet?" And the day after, and the day after. And then one day while I am at work...

I work afternoons. Wendy calls me around the start of my shift and goes "They're here!!!" Her voice told me that she really was impressed with them, and I was impressed with them without yet seeing her wearing them.

"How do they look? How do they fit?"

"They fit great and they... ummm... you just have to see me wear them for you."

"I'll be over as soon as I can get out of here." Back to work I go with nasty smile and filthy mind.

It's always something. In the space of the next few hours I started to get a little queasy. Sort of like the feeling you get after breathing in diesel exhaust or having a questionable Stromboli come back and go "Gotcha!!" As the evening goes on I am feeling worse. We are just getting done with the work, thankfully a slow night, and I call Wendy and tell her that I am sick and will see her in the morning. She sounds disappointed but says" OK, hope you feel better, go to bed, get rest, I love you."

I was a little disappointed, You see it took me about 3 hours to dress as your slut and I wanted to surprise you...That's not an easy task! And when you said you didn't feel well...I was worried as well.

I make it home with the headache and stomach ache, greet Rocket and feed him, and the phone rings.

"I'm coming over."

I figured I would surprise you anyway...what man wouldn't feel at least a little better to see his woman dressed up for him!
"Come on over baby."

I'm sitting there in the front room puttering while waiting for her to drive up. Her car comes down the street and I open the door and step out on the front porch. I parked my truck in the driveway, she ended up parking in front of the house, about a fifty foot walk. Must be later than I thought, I didn't realize how dark it was. Being the considerate guy that I am, (insert sound of car door closing here) I walk back into the house and turn on the porch light, and the two 100 watt step lights. About three seconds later I hear...


I believe I said "SHUT THE LIGHTS OFF!"
It's no big thing, I'm not sucking all the kilowatts out of the universe. Safety first and all that. I leave 'em on and walk back onto the porch to greet her.


At this point I hear the sound of boots coming up the steps to the porch. The steps and porch are illuminated like a runway as she walks across the porch dressed in the new boots and and her thigh length coat. In the timing is everything department, we both make it inside the house at the same time, and I close the door and turn out the outside lights.

"I wonder if the neighbors saw me?"

"Well I would certainly hope so. We gave them enough notice with the lights and you certainly got their attention telling me to turn them off."

It wouldn't have been so bad...but not only did I have the boots on, I was wearing full whore make-up, a leather shirt, shiny red corset top, and a very very short mini skirt. I didn't really care if the neighbors saw, But I am sure the one neighbor lady would have inquired about why the hooker was walking into your house!

I have such a beautiful and adventurous partner. We should have just sat on the porch with the lights on and let them watch us be us. After all we are not going to be here much longer because...

YES!!! WE ARE! and we are going to make it our home!
Thank you for being you, letting me be me, and sharing our lives!

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