Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just over 3 weeks

So, It's been just over three weeks since we moved into our new home and I still love it.

Having just moved into our first house together, we are very aware of the many quirks and discoveries that one finds out about during the home owning adventure.

Unfortunately we didn't get the pool going. J3 tried for almost 2 weeks to get it sorted, but ended up draining it to start over. He didn't know that if you drain it all the way, the liner doesn't work and falls out. So we are going to start over next spring and hopefully will be swimming all summer long!

We had to replace the furnace. The one that was here was an Octopus Gravity Furnace.
Octopus Gravity Furnaces work on the principle that heat rises. The once coal-fed furnace is located in a basement, and the tentacle-like ducts (very possibly covered in a plaster made from our good friend Asbestos) carry the heat up to the registers on the upper floors of the house, with no fan needed to blow the hot air. The heat keeps rising, and the colder air sinks back through an air return vent on the ground floor to be reheated by the friendly Octopus in the basement.

From everything we've read about them, gravity furnaces are very quiet-- no blowers to force the air around, and while they are not the most energy-efficient heating option, they seem to keep their owners toasty warm in some rather frigid climates. If you have one, it is also unlikely that you have to stoke it with coal multiple times a day, as most have been converted to run on gas. Ours had been converted But we decided to replace it and install the A/C as well.

It had to be at least 70 yrs old. J3 worked hard for over a week tearing it apart to prepare for the new one going in. It took a while for him to sort out everything and get the asbestos-laden duct work removed. Now the heating and cooling man is almost finished replacing the furnace and water heater and installing the A/c. I feel coolness coming already. Which is a blessing because its supposed to be hotter next week. It sure would have been nice this week as we've seen 80+ degrees days.

On to the wallpaper.
The lady that lived here is so very sweet. She had lived here for over 30 years and I am sure has many unforgettable memories. The first one she has given to me is wallpaper.
It's everywhere. And not very attractive either. When we moved in we started peeling back the paper to see what was behind it. The first place we started was our bedroom.

3 layers and the last one had to be sprayed and scraped.
I recently found out I have an ulcer. So I haven't been feeling up to speed. In turn the painting of our bedroom is slow going.

Our house is becoming a home. It's a work in progress. And J3 has been doing so much. I worry about him. His shoulder is out again, but he insists on working on and not seeing a Dr. Will have to see about it next week. If its not any better. I am going to insist that he go see his doctor.

Rubber, Leather and Bondage ! Oh my!

We haven't had any time to just be "us" and play.
I would love it if we could everyday, but life sometimes gets in our way.
My daughter starts school on September 2nd. So hopefully we will be getting lots of time to play!

Just a quick update for now

Summer is ending and fall will be here soon! Sounds like a fantastic time to try out the new barn!!

Be Well

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