Saturday, December 6, 2008

total sensory deprivation experience

J3 and I love hoods! All kinds! leather latex and the like.
I so enjoy the feeling when he is putting the hood on. He takes away my sight, but my other senses like touch are enlightened.

I love the loss of control, I love that he so enjoys using me this way.

Yesterday started out like any other day...we woke, he went for coffee while I puttered around on the computer. He said we were going to have an us day and he wanted me to dress for him.

So while he was out getting coffee I dressed in the new latex pants and top. with the black corset top and white and black pvc latex skirt.
When he returned, we had a small breakfast snack, and then he retrieved the camera.
"Stand by the slider so I can get a picture of you in the snow" he said.
I did one better and went out into the snow.
Latex is not a good heat insulator at all!

Then he took my hand and walked me into our bedroom.

Kissing me and asking if I wanted the padded hood.
Of course I said yes.

When he pulls the hood down over my face, I immediately soar to that place that only he can take me. My sense of touch is so sensitive. My hearing is impaired, so I have to listen much closer. And because I cant see, it makes everything he does to me a surprise. There is only one small hole to breath and knowing that he can cover that hole and my breath is controlled as well is such an amazing feeling!

He used the magic wand on my cunt for what seemed to be an hour, (I am sure it wasn't) and teased and tortured me. Using me for his amusement.
I could hear the camera snapping pictures, But I didn't care. I was in subspace floating ...soaring away, with him holding the reins.

I so enjoy and cherish the times we get to share our fetishes together. Its pretty rare and always FANTASTIC!

I think the pictures turned out pretty good! You can see a couple in the previous post.
And J3 said that we are going to try and have at least one "us" day a week.
So hopefully will have more to share in the near future.

Thanks for reading our blog.
We do enjoy sharing this part of our lives with people, because most of the folks we know, wouldn't understand.

Be Well-Wendy

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