Monday, January 12, 2009

Scheduled Day at the Opera

This is Jim, aka J3. It has been far too long since I posted anything and with the new year it is time to think about where we have been and plan where we are heading, or at least dream of where we want to go. I use the word "we" with good reason. With very few exceptions (mainly work) Wendy is in my mind constantly. I have never been happier and never been more in tune to what desires and needs we both have. That said, I have noticed that we are going through withdrawl, there has been far too little pervy time. I can tell by looking at her and asking "Whats wrong baby?" and getting the dreaded answer "Oh... nothing." Two of the most powerful words describing something that is way out of kilter.

In the last month we have been victims of a sadistic confluence of winter flu (Wendys started just as mine was winding down), doctor and dentist visits, "snow day" from school for the "terrorist" (which was going to be the last play day available before Christmas break), and of course the two week stretch when the terrorist was home. No rubber, no leather, no dressing up, no bondage, no whipping, no begging, no tormenting, teasing, or torturing. What was worst of all is that there was no "after" time, when we would be in each others arms, almost unable to move after the release of our mental and physical demands and offerings to each other. To be completely used yet feel rejuvenated.

Is something wrong? Hell yes somethings wrong. We have to get our batteries recharged. We need to take this Thursday or Friday, or both, and make them "us" only days. Turn off the phone, we'll take a shower, try on the new stuff from Twist, see how the hemp rope feels, take some pics, heighten my senses as I take away yours, tease you and torment you, use you as my toy, make you cry and sob, and take you like my slut. Sing for daddy.

It's going to be 8 degrees F outside and boiling inside. And if the terrorist has another snow day from school I have the perfect remedy... Go outside and make an igloo.

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