Wednesday, February 25, 2009 it wasn't a too extreme Thursday...

But you gotta give us an A for effort.

Of course we did have a fantastic Thursday after all.

I asked him what he wanted me to wear, and he replied "What ever you wish, just leave your breasts exposed and the latex leggings with the zip open". I did just that, but added the black cotton underbust corset. For some reason I just felt more comfortable covering up all that white skin on my tummy. I thought it looked pretty good.

J3 put on his chaps, and Iam not sure if he realizes it or not....but seeing his tight ass and thick cock in the soft black leather always makes me instanltly wet and horny. He looked sooo fine! made me want to just bite him!

Everything was all set!
He had the suspension cuffs ready, and what a fantastic job he did attaching them to the ceiling hooks with the medium weight chains as I was kneeling on our bed. I loved the sound of the tinkling they made as I adjusted my knees to get myself to where I wasn't going to topple over.

Then he placed the heavy hood on me. I love when we play with it. As Ive said before, it always takes me to that place that only he can take me to.

Only thing is...the time it takes him to put the hood on me, my hands started going numb, and I had to ask to be taken down.
Which I hated because I know how much I wanted to be suspended, and I knew he would be disappointed...he'd say he wasn't. But I was , so I knew he was if even just a little .
It felt wonderful at first....He had me hanging on the hook and proceeded to put the heavy bondage hood on.
But when the itching started and eventually my fingers going numb,That's when I had to ask him to take me down....booo. And he did as the suspension cuffs came off,so did the hood.

But he did put the hood back on!
And then he started experimenting with the new hemp rope we got for Christmas.
( I know I know...that's a long time ago, but we did have fun finally using it!)

He bound my breast with the purple rope and started making it tighter and tighter asking each time if it was too tight.
Of course I mumbled through the hood "tighter"...hehehe I could just imagine his grin when I said that.

It was so soft and silky as he wrapped it around and around. As the rope slid across my body I began to get shaky, and almost lost my balance .

Then he took something (which I thought was a marker) and started writing all over my tightly bound breast. Come to find out he was trying to make me think it was a new rotary cutter we bought for our new latex projects...But I couldn't hear him and I thought he was writing on me with a marker!

He smacked my bound breasts in between face slaps and cunt pinches.
I love when he pushes and does what he has spoken about doing to me in the past. But sometimes hes too careful, that's just the way hes set up. And I Love him more and more because of it! Although, sometimes I wish he would just let loose and DO IT!

It felt wonderful, all the sensations enlightened by the extreme hood.

But then, he wasn't finished,
Thank Goodness!
I was so wet and horny from all the rope and teasing!

I had hoped I could last longer hanging there, But I just couldn't. I told him next time....hood first, suspension cuffs last.
We live and we learn!

So he had me lay down on my back and began teasing and biting my tits.
I love it so when he nibbles and slaps and teases.
I could almost cum from his teasing.
Then he shoved a pillow under my ass and got on top of me.
Oh yes!! I wanted to feel his hard cock in my cunt!
But first he teased and tortured me even more.

Blocking the on small air hole on the mask so I couldn't breath...then blowing cool air back in. He switched back and forth from my tits to my cunt with his tongue and teeth. Slapping my face in between his sweet torture.

All of a sudden he rammed his hot rod deep inside me.
Pulling himself in deeper by holding onto my shoulders.
It felt so amazing! He pumped harder and harder taking my cunt for his pleasure. I came so hard!!
Just at that moment I felt him tense up and he exploded his load deep inside my cunt. I could tell he was really enjoying it from his moans, which I could actually hear under the hood so it must have been mind blowing for him!

I laid on top of me for a while..then asked if I was ok and proceeded to remove the hood. I was so sweaty and I know he loves the way I look when hes just used and abused me as I emerge from the hood.

Then he rubbed his fingers on my slippery wet cum filled cunt and placed them to my mouth, feeding me our cum juice. Back and forth from my mouth then to his own. We licked and sucked them dry!
Cum had leaked on the pillow under my ass, and he showed it to me, and said "lick". Which I eagerly did with a huge smile on my face.

By that time we were both spent, and fell asleep in each others arms.
It was a fantastic Thursday....maybe not a huge suspension bondage day, but next time will try doing the suspension cuffs last.

Unfortunately the camera battery was dead and we didn't get to take any pictures.
(note to self, buy more than one next time!)

COME ON SPRING-We've got a barn to break in!

Thanks for letting us share our adventures with you

Be Well- Wendy


trinity-pup said...

Oh my gosh... this sounded amazing! A shame about the suspension though. i have a similar problem with SG's monoglove at times, with my hands going numb. The hood sounds like it made up for everything :-)

i love reading your blog and i'll be coming back for more.

t. x

J3 and his slut Wendy said... did make up for it...and I envy you ..I couldnt do the monoglove I am sure of it.

thanks for reading...we love your blog also!

wendy and J3