Friday, April 3, 2009

Another Fantastic Thursday!

So we had another fantastic Thursday!

I wore my rubber dress from House of Whacks and a beautiful Axford corset that came from Northbound Leather.

New platform ankle boots we got from Tyger a really sweet gal in South Carolina that we met on

I felt really sexy dressing for him today, and when I saw his eyes light up when he saw me...well I knew he was pleased.

J3 duct taped my hands to a chair he had me sit it.And for a long long while. As he used a small vibe that was meant for his prostate stimulation. Pretty powerful for such a small toy!

Then teased and sucked my cunt until I was melting in that chair.He kept telling me to close my eyes and I could hear the camera shutter going off, so I knew he was snapping pictures.

After a smoke break......

We moved to the couch in the living room and he had me suck his cock. And then climb on top of him and ride his dick until I was cumming over and over. He knows I don't like being on top because I am so self conscious. But I am getting better with it and I know he loves it .

So the we eventually moved to our bedroom.

I was gagged, fucked and used until I exploded.

Then he used what seemed like a ton of lube ( he loves lube)and fisted my dripping wet cunt while he pushed the Hitachi wand on my throbbing clit. I came so hard! But then my orgasm turned into a splitting migraine headache. (note to self, do not hold your breath while being fisted)

We had to stop for the day. Which I felt that I disappointed him. But he said I didn't.

Here is the dresser and you can see we have to put everything up so Rocky doesn't play with laces.
But I wanted to post this picture so you could see the fabulous new boots!

Hopefully next week I can get my head in the right space without the nasty migraine.

Be Well

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trinity-pup said...

wow... you had certainly had a good time! i hope next week's trip is even better! ;-)

And THOSE BOOTS!!!! They look hot! ;-)

t. x