Monday, May 23, 2011

A Short Update and A Saucy Ballerina!

Its been far too long!

We have to apologize, but again life gets in the way while we are making plans.

Lots of things going on! Pervyness and life too!

I am getting new THIGH HIGH ballet boots.

I am spoiled rotten! and I love it

Jim found Suzanne who can actually"walk " all over in them!

She is sending us a pair just for me from down under. I can only hope to be able to walk in them. I doubt I will ever be as elegant as she!

I promise we will post pics of the boots and my new latex dress as soon as the boots arrive from down under.

She writes a fantastic blog@ So while our readers are waiting on our snail fannies go check her out at Saucy Ballerina!

We have never steered you wrong yet when it comes to blogs!
The Saucy Ballerina is a must read blog! Especially if you are a fetishist and more so if you love ballet boots!

Updates to follow after the postman arrives!!

Thanks for reading our blog. We apologize that we don't "up-keep" it like we want to.
So thanks for returning and staying with us despite our not being able to keep up to date.

Be Well- and

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