Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My New Dress is Lovely! And my new Ballet Boots are HOT!

The terrorist is gone for a weekend and we had some "pervy us time"

Sunday night Jim went into a head space I have only experienced once before. I was used and tormented to the point of begging him to stop. He didn't at first... I think we both enjoyed it!

Sunday was "Latex By The Pool Day!"
I love dressing for Jim. Every time we play and I am dressing in something new he gets this grin like a kid in a candy store and I LOVE it!
He wanted to take pictures by the pool so clad in my new latex dress and patent leather ballet boots we adventured out into the 83* heat and relaxed on the lounge chairs on our deck by the pool .
Then I took a dip in the pool.
It was an awesome afternoon and I think I made him happy!

I have a long story I am working on. I will post it when I get a chance. It is a detailed account of our pervy weekend.
and we even had pie!!

Stay Tuned!

Be Well


lil said...

Those boots are absolutely divine!

Bish said...

Love the pool party shots! It is great to see a couple that enjoys each other!

trinity-pup said...

awesome pics, as ever! i have to get some ballet boots. Where did you get yours from?

Hope you are both well. It seems an age since we last made contact.

t. x