Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Birthday!!!!

I am so fortunate to have one of the best men in the world as my partner husband and lover!
Look what he had made for my Birthday!
He made me a yummy Chocolate raspberry cake too!

Thanks to the Incredible artist duo Zymurgea

You can see some of their work here
"The perilous tale of Tasha the Mouse"

Jim found them on Deviant art and had them do the caricature for my birthday.

Sorry we have not wrote and new entries lately. But I hope to have some steamy stories soon!

Be Well XXX♥Wendy and Jim


Master Dream's precious treasure said...

i am a day late but Happy Birthday!!! =)

trinity-pup said...

Hey!!! Long time!!! That's a fab picture! ;-) can't wait to read more again. Hope you are both well

t. x