Monday, October 1, 2007

Another great day!

J3 has asked me before to start posting a blog. I have tried with several unsuccessful attempts. So I am going to try and start again. Practice Practice Practice!

Hardware whore? Well....You see, there’s this place inside of me, that only existed inside of me, until he touched it. Then it flowered.... opening into a fragrant bloom that seeks his regard instead of the sun. And it is rather funny, in an odd sort of way... that I knew it was there but so unsure until I met him. Until he slid inside me and opened me and showed me what I am. I am a woman...his slave... I wait in the darkness until he brings me into the light and the darkness and he wrings my utter surrender from me even as I gasp and struggle, thinking I have given all that there is to give. He says "My slave. My partner, My love, My slut, My hardware whore" And I am astonished to find there is always more. It is as though his hand reaches inside of me, fist clenching around my core... grasping it tightly.. And he tears it from me as I scream and cry and struggle. He holds it up in front of me and opens his hand... and then... oh yes, then... I fly free and unfettered on the currents of heat that rise from him to carry me as we soar. I wonder if he will ever know where my heart beats strongest... against his chest, thudding loudly as he takes me once again. If he feels the exquisite agony in my surrendering, yielding... shattering completely until there is nothing left but the shaking and the tears and the certainty that it is this that I live for, this gift of self into the hands of one stronger than I, wiser than I-- Who supports and guides me as I boomerang between the bliss and despair of a life’s diversity. And I wonder, too-why it is. I even wonder about him knowing of these things, for they are the things he gave, those places where my soul has found the peace of his strength. It truly is the trust that we share the openness of “us”. And that is why I love when he calls me his “hardware whore” because the things we both have dreamt of, are coming true and it continues and always will continue to amaze me.I belong to you, Master, with all that you know I am… all those things that I do not yet understand, but you see so clearly.And I didn't need the magnifying glass to see you... I see you perfectly without it.

How long have I been looking for you? and doubting that you exist. And thinking that I am alone In whatever desires stir just beneath my surface. And then we find each other,drawn to each other by the most powerful urges known.We find these differences from the "norm" are our similarities. And then we slowly get to know each other and find that we have so much more In common than our hidden desires. It's unbelievable to me What started out as two snowflakes will become an avalanche. Because you’ve looked and I’ve allowed you to look deeper into my soul than anyone ever has, Or has wanted to. Slowly we peel back the layers and we reveal our desires and our hopes and dreams. To share this with you is a gift beyond words.

Sunday September 30th, 2007
We belong to a few yahoo groups, one we were especially interested in was the West Michigan Rope Group. Back in August we were going o attend a meeting but the little Angle cat botched that attempt with an escape. Well we actually got to the meeting this past Saturday and I found the information to be very informative and I want to learn more!!!We had an awesome time and ended our day with a fantastic slow drive home! It was another great day!

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