Wednesday, October 3, 2007

"Our Fetish Life"

Just a small note...We wanted to have a way our readers could separate who is writing so we are going to try a color code. This is the color J3 will use and this is Wendy's color. We both wanted a shiny black color but it was tough to read against a dark background. Wonder if there is a font called Leather, or Rubber. Let us know if it's working please.

Welcome fellow voyagers. Time for an installment of "Our Fetish Life", which sounds much clearer than "Our Alternate Life." The difference between the two titles is a little murky but let us take a moment to try to explain what I mean. We try to look at our lives as a piece of cloth. Our Fetish Life is so deeply woven into our regular life that to try to separate the two would leave both frayed and torn, just rags. Been there, done that. That's the reason we both took the risk. We knew we were different and maybe there was an iota of a chance that someone else on this planet would welcome us and accept us and love us, without having to suppress who we actually are. We both started looking at the same time and our trajectories crossed. And now we are one. We took a long time to get to this point. The battles are over now. We both realize and accept that this is a major part of who we are. We are happy in being together and being able to be just us. In the past we have tried to push our interests and desires down, to be more conventional, more "normal." Someone with a great way with words once said "Normal is a setting on a washing machine." What we share is not for everybody. There's nothing "right" or "wrong" with you whether you are interested in it or not. The power of submission touches me deeply and we are amazed how powerful these "different" feelings are incorporated into our lives now.

One of the things we often say to each other when encountering someone or group with interests not quite to our tastes is "Everyones Different." And that includes us. And when we say that, we are smiling huge Cheshire cat smiles. Why wouldn't it be true? That said, here is a small unranked list (and it isn't all inclusive) of things that we enjoy.

Rubber/Latex: We both enjoy the sight, the feel, the smell, the sound, and hell. . . even the taste sometimes. (Easy on the powder please.) I generally don't dig women, but how can you not admire the female form clad in tight, shiny latex? (Maybe I have a bi curious side, but we've yet to explore it.) It also must be said that I LOVE seeing J3 in his rubber! Just the sight of him has my cunt twitching and my mouth salivating! Nothing hugs and encloses you like rubber. . . enveloping your every nook and cranny. The smell turns us on. . .and so does the sound. . you can hear it "snap" as you move. Is it just us or does it make sex and play a bit more exciting? Of course it makes our sex and play more exciting, and not just a bit. She looks great in rubber! And, it is as if she develops an almost instant mind shift when wearing it. I love watching her move! And running my hands over her. And... you get the idea. Here's an aside... I know, but do you, know how rare she is? And how fortunate I am? Ear to ear smile.

Leather: Specifically we love the look of leather. We also love the smell and sensations. Leather restraints are so soft and yet at the same time can be so harsh. Leather is a material which can evoke a raw sensuality, it can encase my body and still be a sensuous enhancement. Leather implements such as a crop or flogger can deliver kisses as of butterflies, or tiny bee stings, flying over my body, building in power until he delivers white hot searing lines of pain. What are you talking about baby? You in your chaps and corset? You wearing the cuffs on your ankles and wrists? The collars? The hoods? The boots? How about all of it. We love it all. And I doubt if there is anybody that loves leather and wearing it more than we do.

Hardware: buckles, D-rings, chains, clamps and the like! We love the shininess! Oh my, Oh my. I love the sturdiness and the possibility of their severity. Did I mention that the sound of chains and buckles immediately gets her attention? yes the sounds are incredible!! Also, I love when he refers to me as his "hardware whore," makes me feel so extraordinarily special! Especially when blindfolded. (There's)Nothing like slowly drawing the chains over her thighs. We are sitting here laughing about trying to edit this so it reads well. Wendy is AKA Miss PropaDiction. Ok..Miss Propa-Diction my ass! A blogger must be a writer and an editor if he wants to attract and keep readers. A well-written blog indicates respect both for the medium and for the reader. Proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar are not merely the tools by which anal-retentive freaks like me get their kicks; they give words meaning, clarity, and, if you're lucky, beauty. However, let me apologize in advance for future misspellings and punctuation, no one is perfect, andI have,and never will claim to be.

Bondage: Rendering me a victim, helpless and immobile appeals to J3's sadistic side, and I love being bound, under his control . .so naturally, we are quite fond of bondage. This also allows me to travel to the edge, My partner by my side as I travel to, through, and return from subspace. We both LOVE many forms of Bondage! Tighter please! We have just begun experimenting with rope and after a visit to the West Michigan Rope meeting this past weekend we both want more! (Thank you Greg and Jen) I have a sadistic side? Not a chance... experts agree... I am Mr Nice Guy. Oh sure maybe in your everyday world people think that, but I would have to beg to differ when it comes to "our" world. Pop quiz for Wendy... when you are in the sleep sack what is the most used statement/question by me? Hmmmmm... That would have to be "Are you ok?" Are you sure you are ok?" "Or is it, "Is that too tight my slut?" "tighter?" Ummm... how rare is she? The last few times in the sleepsack she not only wanted it tighter, but when I thought that was about long enough and released her she didn't want it to end. Actually I was hoping this last time that I could have remained in longer. Time seems to fly by and I wanted more! More Please! Is this what we refer to as peeling back layers? I wanted more and he thought an hour was too long. Besides the becoming parched and having such a dry mouth (which was remedied by him feeding me small sips of water mouth to mouth *dreamy smiles*) I would have loved to spend the whole afternoon in the sleepsack. Maybe this is where he needs to not be such a "Mr Nice Guy" and start pushing further without reservation. hint! hint!

Tease and Denial: This one comes pretty naturally to us. It really gets my juices flowing when J3 allows me get to the "edge". . . .then stops me. How well behaved I can become *s. . .and when he finally lets me release. . .EXPLOSIONS!! I have to admit I love to tease her. I cannot explain why I enjoy keeping her balanced on the edge, no relief in slowing the teasing and no relief in denying her wanting to fly over the edge. To hear her beg for release, to plead for the ultimate pleasure.... ahhh, music to my ears. Bravo! Encore!

Breath Play: This is definitely not for the faint of heart, but I have a real soft spot for allowing J3 to put my life into his hands. . . literally and figuratively. I also from time to time enjoy controlling J3's breathing when my sadistic side can rear its pretty little head when I am stealing his breath away.Allowing him to experience the control that he has over me and the freedom to just let go. Ultimate Trust! Ultimate Care. Never have I experienced such absolute care as when she is controlling my breaths.

Puppy/Pony Play:Nothing like a cute cuddly pet! I loves being able to be treated like an animal I love it when J3 allows it.And vice versa! What ever happened to the pic of you biting on the rubber horse bit? (I believe this is the picture you are speaking about!( Click here) Fantastic imagery, another mind shift moment for both of us. My own little leather pony. Also great watching her drool. Another item for the dreams file... those leather pony boots.

Golden Showers:
Intimate. Taboo. Humiliating. Degrading. We LOVE it. He loves to see me blush and this does it for sure!
The ultimate in humiliating her. A wonderful nastiness that we share.

Attending Events: We absolutely love meeting people ! Lot's of eye candy. . .fellowship with other kinksters. . .what is not to love? Not to mention the fact that we get to dress up.He loves showing me off and I love being his. The feelings of pride that he wants to show me off as his slut are unexplainable! Wonderful! And I am most fortunate to have such a pervy, sexy partner to show off as mine. We are looking forward to attending more events and meeting more people. I love showing off Wendy as my slut, my whore, my love. I even love rubbing her feet after she has worn the platform boots for more than half the day. My joy in seeing her being fetishly fashionable.

Boots/Heels: I love to wear them!!! I feel sexy and sensuous when I have them on.And I am getting to be quite the acrobat maneuvering in the platforms!tiny steps! I love seeing her tiptoe or even made to crawl when the extreme height of the heels (or maybe its the ankle chains) do not permit walking. Crawl over to me baby. Oh yes! I think that he looks sexy as can be when he is wearing the shiny thigh high boots! What great legs you have! Lick lick!!

Electro Play: We've got a TENS unit and although we haven't explored much with it, J3 likes to tease me with the pictures he paints. We need more practice with this thing. Would love to make her dance uncontrollably, begging for less amps. To bad I was sleeping in Physics 231 when Ohms Law was discussed. But I have the medical knowledge so get a new 9 volt battery already!!!

Sensory Deprivation: Just another tool in our box! I love the feelings of being weak, defenseless, and helpless. Short periods of sensory deprivation can be relaxing. I love our hoods! We have a few, my favorite is our padded extreme hood we got from Leather Creations. It is extremely tight when properly laced on. But sometimes I freak too much and have to beg him to take it off please! We have a couple new latex hoods as well! And I really enjoy the feel of them. They are so soft and when under his control can have me floating in Wendaspace in no time! I also just love a simple blindfold which can make his next move so unexpected! We recently got J3 his very own sleep sack, and although he has only been in it one time, I did enjoy seeing the expressions on his face when I asked "tighter" while I was lacing and zipping him in. It was an awesome feeling to tease and torment him while he was bound in this way! And I hope that he asks to be bound again soon. hehehehe (evil grins). I am surprised that she didn't mention the mitts too. When I am zipping and lacing her into the sleep sack I seem to have to tell her everything twice... she is that into getting into it and getting to Wendaspace. When completely zipped and laced in (tightly) she has the most calm look that I think I have ever seen on anyone. What is it about being confined in 12 pounds of black leather that takes her to that so private place? For that matter, what is it about seeing her completely immobile that makes me want to run my hands over every inch of her leather covered body. Yummmm!!

Gas masks/Hoods: Goes hand in hand with our rubber fetish and breath play. We think they are *super* sexy.Gasmasks, gags, the padded hood. These are things that easily fall into the extreme category. And while we both love the idea of the ultimate level of control, it is also the one that requires the most care. We recently purchased two masks/hoods from CeresMoon Latex and we plan on at least a couple more. Especially more with open eyes. I love to watch her eyes while I torment her.

Corsets: The tighter the better. I love wearing them! I feel beautiful and sensual when I have my leather corset on. I also LOVE the look in J3's eyes when he looks at me and asks"Need some help lacing?" A knee to neck leather training corset would be great. Now put your shoes on and lets go get a Kava's Little Helper. Remind me to put this in the our dreams file.

There are so many more areas that we want to explore, and hopefully we can share with you as we adventure into the depths of our souls, the love, respect, and joy we share with one another.

And thanks for reading...J3 & Wendy

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