Friday, October 5, 2007

Fetish Friday! What a Fantastic Day!!!

I just knew it was going to be a great day. We had a bunch of good days lately, but today was going to be GREAT! We teased each other with the thoughts of it all week.

I got about half way up to the second floor when she took a couple steps and stood there at the top of the stairs smiling down at me. Un-Fucking-Believable!!! I must have made some type growl sound when I saw her because her smile got bigger during my response. He didn't growl, he sighed, a heavy sigh.

Let me take a few minutes to tell you what my rubber slut was wearing. I have never seen her in the black and green zip up hood from CeresMoon. It was definitely worth the wait. Perfect fit and she looked great in it. (Note to self, more hoods with eye and mouth openings. She has amazing pool of fire eyes.) I wondered how she managed to get the hood zipped on without smearing her makeup, and there was a lot of makeup to smear. We love lots of make-up on me.Just from the neck up she looked a perfect slut, my perfect slut. I sure felt like your perfect slut.

The black long sleeve latex top looked familiar, it should have because it was the one I wear. Well, I used to wear. It was slightly loose on me but on her it looked painted on. Official decree follows: From now on thats her top. I ran my hands from her shoulders down her arms feeling how tight the rubber was on her. She leaned forward for a kiss but I teased her by pulling back just enough for her to make that sort of pouty "MMMmmph" sound. Baby we will have lots of time for that. Now that you mention it,I do that pouty thing alot, maybe I need more punishment!

I noticed that her black leather corset was not tied so being the nice guy I am, I asked "Want me to tie it?" She answered by turning around so I could do the laces. After pulling them in and holding them to keep them from going slack I asked "How's that?" "Tighter please." Followed by more pulling at the laces. "How about now?" "Tighter." After one more time and making the laces taut as guitar strings I asked "Now?" "That's good." Sheese... what I have to go through.

From the bottom of her corset to her ankles was her black latex skirt. While not being full cut, it flowed with every step she took in the high heel black boots. Practice makes perfect, she walks more easily in them every time she wears the heels or platforms. Of course the next day its "the muscles in the back of my legs are sore." Sounds like a good reason for a leg massage to me.mmmmmm massages WE LOVE THEM! Almost forgot... and thigh high black latex stockings. And the reason I remembered? A while later one hand was running over her newly reddened ass while the other stroked the back of her latex covered thighs.

By the way, I didn't tell her what to wear. It was more like "You know what you like, you know what I like." She has never, ever disappointed me. I hope I never do! But, if and when that day comes I know that you will discuss it with me and we can both figure out a solution. Although I have to think that she is dressing for herself as much as she is dressing for me. Hey!!! Halloween is coming up. Get dressed baby, this is our day to fit right in.


We had a most wonderful afternoon! I got a fantastic beating and I also was able to wear the new hood we got from Ceres Moon.. Whoo hooo! In the past J3 has been careful not to push my limits too hard. I am not sure if that's because he is still unsure of himself, (still unsure of myself?) (meaning,he needs more practice) or if he is still contemplating if what we share is not abuse. (Its not abuse.) I don't think it is abuse because I am asking for it! It is sane, safe, and consensual. I still think he has a hard time with accepting that it isn't abuse, but hes getting better at understanding that this is something I crave, need and want! I don't have a problem with whipping you, or paddling you, or making you scream. I love you, love tormenting you, and I love that you want it. The problem that I do have is that while we are both getting into our little duet, I also have to control what I and you are doing. Do I love you and want to hear you scream and sob, thrash and shake, beg and cry? Absolutely. But while I beat you until you lean over the edge, I also have to make sure that I don't harm you. Don't think that I don't have the desire to push further, because I will. But there is a big difference but small line between "I feel so sore" and "I need to go to the Dr." Hurt yes, harm no.

Boy oh Boy! Today the limits were pushed further than we have in a long long time. I know how much J3 loves latex clad women so today I was his rubber slut. When he arrived I was standing at the top of the stairs, his smile was all I needed for his approval.When he came upstairs he was smiling from ear to ear. I asked him if he liked the new hood and he said he loved it! I so want to please him and from the look on his face he was! And after he arrived he saw that my corset wasn't as tight as we like and offered to lace it for me. Pulling the strings taut asking "Tighter?" yes I replied a few more tugs "Tighter?" "More" I said and with a few more tugs it was perfectly tight. "Thank You " Then he wanted a few pictures of me in the new hood,( actually I thought I looked pretty hot today,which is unusual for me,so I wanted some pics as well). Baby you looked fantastic! And I did notice that you were into the posing for the camera mode more than usual. Must have been the hood, it looked great on you.thank you

I was so sweaty that my whole head was soaked. I guess that will teach me not to be so anxious and put the hood on closer to the time that he arrives. I already had it on for two ours when he got here, so next time I wont get ready so early.Timing is everything! I had to ask to take it off. And after taking the pictures he helped me take it off. I found out how she managed to get the hood on without mucking up the makeup. Hood on first, then the makeup. Smart girl, and when she says her head was soaked, thats exactly right. She has the thickest hair (that i just love to pull) and it was soaked.

He took the latex shine and began to spray me all over making the latex glisten.
He then moved me towards the wall and had me stand against it, legs spread. As he started teasing my cunt though my latex skirt soft moans escaped from my mouth. I was so wet it made it hard for him to pinch my clit, which is what he was trying to he lifted my shiny black latex skirt and gave my swollen bud a nice tugging pinch. I loved having her stand about a foot out from the wall and then just slowly push her back so that she was leaning against it. That slightly off center of balance position is great for teasing and caressing. My fingers teasing her through the skirt, slidding around so easily on the wetness. Just watching the expressions on her face, and hearing her breaths. Lucky me. He asked me "My slut? My Whore? And I replied "yes I am your whore , your slut." He knows how badly I wanted to kiss him but every time I would come close he pulled away teasing me, denying me his tongue. We have been talking all week about how he would use me, whip me, abuse me and make me his pain slut and today I truly was. He was still teasing my wetness when he pointed towards our toy chest and said " Get out what you want me to use on you, and get out what I want...You know what I want."

I knelt down towards the box and started retrieving various whips and paddles. I wanted him to make me scream...I needed to sob and thrash and today I asked for him to beat me! So I started by placing all the crops and paddles on floor. (We need a bigger toy box!) I had to pull everything out because they were all on the bottom underneath the sleep sacks. I looked up at him as he said "Don't move" and snapped another picture. He asked " Do you want me to wear my chaps?" I said, "Do you want to? I think you look great in them" So he proceeded to put the leather on. He looks so hot in them, makes me bite my lip!

Today I wanted to dance in a frenzied dance of darkness until my body ached. First he asked if I wanted my hands tied in front or bend my back. I opted for behind.He tied them behind my back ,however I was still able to move them to my sides. He then laid me on my back only to roll me over on my tummy. My head spun so quickly, and at that moment the world didn't exist except for us .. my only focus, Him and his energy.

Throughout the dizzying pace I can see only him, so very clearly...perfect, strong, yet gentle...My soul continues to drone the sweet song of desire and devotion to us. He revels in my hunger for our sensuous flirtation with the edge, even as the fires threaten to consume. I wanted him to push I wanted to feel the pain mixed with his pleasure. He placed our Hitachi wand up between my legs and I spread my legs wider so it could vibrate my wetness.He spread open my lips and placed it directly on my hot cunt. WOW!! it felt fantastic buzzing me into wendaspace.

Slowly the paddle began smacking my ass through the latex skirt and then he lifted it and revealed my sweat soaked skin. Paddles hurt so much more on wet skin.He must of then switched to the whippy crop because the blows were stinging like little bees! Then he was biting my ass cheeks, small bites at first, then deep heavymouthfuls that crescendo into harder bites. SO hard! I didn't think I could take it, so I just said harder!"sending a shiver through me. He stopped for a moment,"Tell me what you want" he asked. I replied "beat me....hard." Still his strikes were lighter than I had expected and I groaned "harder" "beat me harder" I didn't think he would, he never has before. Just then the crack began getting faster and harder! "Harder I begged"over and over "harder" "beat me" harder!" I pleaded. And he did!!! “Is this what you need slut?” I didn't respond. My head was lost in subspace but he knows it is what I want. He continued to assault me with the crop and used it on my back, legs, and ass.....asks me “is this what you need?” I wanted to cum so badly! The teasing from the wand! My ass in the air, I moan and push back towards him.My hands were getting numb so asked that eh untie them. He did and then again started with the crop (at least I think it was the crop, I am not sure my head was in the pillow, Again In such fluid motions, the crop rises and falls landing hard..and harder still, beating my bottom. I finally let go and came so hard that I was gushing all over.

We laid there on the bed, him holding me..I was spent. He started rubbing me and telling me I was his perfect slut....his pain slut. I sighed. I wanted to feel him so I began massaging his cock. I love feeling him..his hips pushing towards my reach. J3 asked me if I wanted to put on a hood. I said yes. "Which one?" he asked me. I said " The padded one" and he smiled as he retrieved it from the toy box.I pulled it over my face and he just used the buckles , so it was loose but still confining. I love the feel of the leather! I love how my sight is taken, but I can still breath rather well when its not laced tightly.

He then pushed me back on the bed, more forceful than usual. Again he began with the Hitachi wand buzzing at my already swollen pussy. I was still stroking his thick cock as he moved closer to me and then on top of me. MMMmmmmmm he started fucking me nice and slow. My hips thrusting towards, him I grabbed his ass to pull him deeper into my hole when he grabbed my hands and held them tightly against the bed. Pounding my cunt hard and even harder still. Sounding like a whisper ,because of the heavy hood, he says"cum for me my slut" I didn't need him to say it again. We exploded together! (I only wish I could have seen his face because the sounds he released were incredible.) I love cumming for him. He helped me remove the hood and I collapsed safely in his arms.

We laid there as he held me while I came down. What a wonderful way to spend our Friday afternoon. We were kid less that night and I think he made me cum about 3 more times that evening. Talk about a Fantastic Fetish Friday!WOW I just adore him.

Thank you my soulmate for using me so fully today. It was the best fetish Friday Ive had in a long long time!

Be Well-Wendy

p.s I looked at my bottom today in the mirror, hoping to see some marks left from by my dominate lover. Only a few small bite marks.....maybe next time harder with the whips please! :->

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