Sunday, October 14, 2007

Slow week?

Hi Folks!
It has been a slow week for us with J3 back to work. However, I did update the page a bit.
Ive added our geocities page to the blog. You can locate the link on the sidebar under our profile.
This is where I am going to keep my poetry,erotic stories and most of our pictures. I figure this way, you can access my ramblings and it will keep our blog uncluttered.

I will be updating it, but I am sure that will be an ongoing process. I am starting my last class in school on the 22nd and will finally graduate on December 23. It seems like just yesterday I started my classes. I will have my Associates degree in Business adding that to my Medical Assistant degree. I finally feel like Ive accomplished something. I am still thinking about nursing, but J3 and I have to talk about that because that will be a full time commitment for another 2 years. Baby, we really don't need to discuss it at all, we already have. You can do anything you want and be anything you want. It's the way I have seen you all along. Its a big part of the reason you draw me to you like a moth to a flame. Its not so much all the things you know, its the huge capacity and hunger you have for learning and doing new things. The next year is going to bring some big changes for us, and almost all of them for the better. (Just saying that bumps happen no matter what we plan. Nothing specific.) But if a detour happens along our route, we will deal with it, just like we have in the past. I can almost hear Willie right now... "Nothing but blue skies, from now on..."

I have to say, that without J3s support and encouragement I would have never returned to school. Just other reason why I love him so! He's always telling me how proud he is of me. And that just keeps me beaming.

Ya know, just between you readers and me, throughout this blog and our everyday life, Wendy make compliments and statements about me that just make me go "huh?". I am just your average, very lucky guy with more to be thankful for than I could ever have imagined in my wildest dreams. And I am talking about the whole of my life right now of course, not just the "alt". Us just sprawled out on the couch falling asleep watching TV after work, making breakfast together (with the last piece of bacon going back and forth between our plates, given not swiped), taking a nap in each others arms before I have to work in the afternoon, sharing the finalist for the "worlds best donut". Its not the big things, its just that we enjoy so many little things that it's like a flood. This reads sorta muddy (hmmm.... Why is it when I try to describe my feelings they often come out unclear?) and I might change it, in the mean time I am jimjustjim. A very lucky man who is not used to compliments.

Hope everyone has a great week!
Be Well-Wendy

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