Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A nap and a beating.

Today I went over to J3's for breakfast. We had coffee and ate and then J3 asked me if I wanted to cuddle or sort stuff (hes trying to get things organized to be with me soon). Of course I said cuddle. Song lyric from deep in sludgeville "Eat a nutritious breakfast and go back to bed."

We laid there face to face talking and caressing one another. I had a cramp in my arm so I turned over and he spooned me. He was rubbing my body softly touching me all over and cupping my breast when he moved his hand down to my pussy and began rubbing my clit. He started with light circles at first, then when I was wiggling up against him he went fast and faster until I was cumming!

Then I turned over and faced him again. He was smiling and so was I. Then he stared running his nails down my back. Softly at first but harder and harder the more I moaned, the harder he scratched. At one point he hit my back. reset... it was actually open hand slaps, first lightly but then building in tempo and intensity. And by the way she was doing her opera diva thing I could tell that she was really getting into it. Another one of those new things you learn moments, I think I enjoyed it more than Wendy did. Fan-tas-tic!!! Oh, and by the way, I was glad that the storm windows are almost air and sound tight. He hasn't ever done this before, but I loved it and I asked him to do it again. HE DID!!! Over and over he kept hitting, beating my back, as I was moaning more, more , more! Yes YES YES! I loved it! Finally he did something he has wanted to! and I enjoyed it more than him I think. Afterwards he held me and even put some lotion on my back. Oh my goodness I want more of this kind of attention. I felt so amazing I cant describe in words and Now I feel sort of rejuvenated. more please!

I know its going to be a great weekend we have plans to go to the West Michigan rope meeting and the terrorist( my daughter) is gone for the whole weekend!!! whooohooo maybe he will tie me up and beat me like he did this afternoon.

I love you Master...thank you for letting me be me....and us be us!

Be Well-

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