Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby!!!

It's that age old question... What do you get your love for their birthday? I threw out some clues that it was a hat with a veil, knowing of course that she wouldn't believe that at all. Elaborating on how it had fine imported lace and a broad brim, yeah right. She knew it was headwear of some sort because we did some measuring a couple months earlier for an eBay item that we didn't win. Bet she will look great in a veil and hat, but thats for another time and better photographic skills.

The "toy cart" was out of the closet and near the bed when I got upstairs, how thoughtful of her. Happy Birthday kisses and caresses for her and then I placed the white gift bag with the cat drawing on it on the dresser. I made it a point to not hand it to her right away. More kisses and a few pinches followed while she was looking over at the bag with its black tissue paper fluffed out of the top. "Sit down on the bed, your legs over the edge."

After some guidance to where things were in the carts drawers I picked the leather wrist and ankle cuffs and put them on her. "Too tight?" "No, thats good" as we turned them on her wrists and ankles to make sure that they were just tight enough but not going to cause problems.

She kept looking over at the gift sack and I walked over, got it and handed it to her. I watched her expression closely as she reached past the tissue paper and touched the rubber. She gave a combination look of "Oh My God!" and "Hell yes!" as she lifted it out of the sack. "It's so soft..." as she slowly turned it around in her hands and looked at the details of the hood. While she was checking out the details I went back to the cart and got out some chains and snaps. (Great job on organizing the cart baby). "Look at that gag!!!" I reached over, closed the valve on the pump ball and gave it a couple slow squeezes. And in a derivation of the advertisement, "Watching her expression while the penis gag got bigger... Priceless."

I clipped the chains to the wrist cuffs and then attached them to the ankle cuffs. "Lay back on the bed.... how does that feel?" She was on her back with her knees up and feet on the bed pulled up enough to be semi-comfortable when the chains were tawt. Just enough slack so she would be able to move but still knowing that she was restrained for our pleasure. It was also obvious that she was getting into her mind shift mode. Little tip offs... her breathing got slower and deeper, her voice dropped about one half an octave, and her eyes gave me the gaze of fire within.

"Sit up." I went behind her but first kissed her slowly on the lips while I took the hood out of her hands. "You OK?" She answered with a slow "Yesss." Another tip off. Holding open the back of the hood I positioned it over her face while she fine tuned the locating of the gag between her lips. When she stopped moving her head I asked again if things were OK. What an exciting sound, that muffled "uhh huhh." We both worked together to start getting the hood pulled back and zipped. While the zip has a hair protector, my slut has a lot of hair and it is as thick as rope. Part of the fun was zipping the hood closed, an inch or two at a time and then pulling and smoothing the latex over her head. She didn't say much during the zipping but when I ran my fingers over her smooth latex covered head she pushed back against them and gave a long "Mmmmmmmmm."

The zip was finally closed and placing my hand on her head, I got up and went around to take a look. My beautiful slut had been transformed into my faceless toy. My object. A sight of glossy black tightness from the neck up. I should mention that she could see out of the large black lenses but I could not see in. And although she could make sounds, the gag, yet to be pumped up, made speech impossible. Another thing that would make speech difficult to understand even without the gag is the rebreather bag. It creates an effect that seems (at least to me) to not only amplify the sounds of her breathing but also how she is doing in the hood and in the playtime in general.

I was somewhat busy Monday and was unable to do the "take pics for the blog" thing. Considering the way she, and I, reacted to the hood experience I would expect a replay very soon and with camera in hand. In the mean time here is one of the hood. You can find this hood and others from this artisan on eBay. Very fine piece of work. Highly recommended. Check out his feedback score.

I'll let Wendy take over and write some things about what she thought of the day. Maybe she will even explain her incomprehensible phrase that turned out to be...

"Take the comforter off the bed!!!"

What a Birthday it was!!
Many rubber fetishists are mad about breath reduction in some way, and I am no exception! I love when J3 controls my breathing. – I love when he makes breathing more difficult by masks or his hands. To my surprise he bought us a latex gas mask for my birthday present. Not a hat with a veil like he had been teasing me about.I sort of knew it wasn't a hat lol. He arrived with a cute little black and white bag in his hand exclaiming "Happy Birthday Baby" It was so adorable,with a kitty on the bag with black tissue paper popping out.

I could only imagine what was inside! He set it on the dresser and went to the toy chest and asked which drawer the wrist cuffs were in. I told him that the three drawers were organized from top to bottom. He smiled and told me to sit on the bed. He handed me the bag as he continued to sort though the toys and cuffs. I slowly removed all of the soft black tissue paper. When I saw the smooth shiny latex I sighed. It was the latex gas mask hood we had been out bid on when we were on e-bay bidding. I smoothed my hands over it. It was the softest latex Ive ever felt, I thought to myself "how wonderful it is going to feel and how much I would love to be covered completely in this substance"....but that is saved for later next year. There was also a small bag of rope inside the bag! hmmm he must have plans to tie me up!! hooray!

I smiled as I looked inside the hood, an inflatable penis type gag! J3 handed me the instructions. "Instructions?" I thought to myself " hard can it be." It just explained that when the air tube was closed the re -breather bag would kick in. COOL! What a fantastic present! Something we both had wanted for a long time now.

He returned to the toy cart retrieving the ankle and wrist cuffs. I was still sitting on the bed as he climbed up on our bed and began putting the cuffs on my wrists and ankles. Also asking "is that ok" or"too tight" I was beaming, smiling from ear to ear! Of course my answers were yes and no they are not too tight because he knows how to perfectly put them on me.

He then clicked a link between my ankles and wrists so they were chained together, and I could move but still felt bound. I guess the rope was for another time. He laid me back told me to spread my legs, I did as I sighed knowing he was going to torture me until I got to he edge. The good kind of torture, He then began kissing and caressing me asking "You want to put it on?" "Yesss" I said. We had tried it on for a minute but my hair was to bulky so I had him take a stocking that i cut the foot out of too smooth over my head. That worked , but even better still was a latex hood we had from arm and that was perfect.

I pulled my hair back and eased into the latex hood, but it was too big so I asked him to cut the face away. He did and was much easier for him to zip me into the gas mask this way. I pushed the gag in my mouth as he slid the mask over my head. I rubbed my hands over my head and felt the smooth latex. I was drooling!It felt wonderful! I felt so sexy, like his slut...his whore.

I loved the way it felt and how encased I was. The lenses were a sun glass color that I could see out of, but black on the outside so J3 couldn't see my eyes and I could for a few moments , see my lovers smile. But my breaths quickly fogged the lenses and all I could make out were shadows.
I felt the gag expand in my mouth he was pumping it up then releasing it, teasing and toying with his slut. I felt him push me back as his fingers began exploring my pussy. I was wet already, and I felt a smack on my hot cunt then his lips pressed against me. His tongue darting around my clit, tickling me into bucking my hips against his touches. He sucked my lips and clit hard and harder still. I could have came at that moment! I held back for him.

He continued to slap and suck alternating from his mouth to his hand. I felt small smacks on my tits and tugs at my nipples, I was in heaven. I love when he teases my nipples and smacks them so hard that for a moment I think its too hard and then the slow tugging with his mouth reminds me that I love it so.

At one point he said all he was doing was licking my nipples softly, but after he had smacked my pussy so hard it was just enough to send me over the edge. I was freaking, I think I pulled the re breather gag off trying to get out of the hood. The fresh air was so wonderful. I had wanted to feel this way for so long. He had wanted to take me to this place for so long. And here we were, enjoying all of the sensations the new mask had brought.This was one of the best birthdays I could have imagined. He knows me...he knows my body and my mind. He captivates my soul. He knew I would love the new hood and I certainly did!

So after we laid there and talked a while I asked him to put it back on. This time his teasing had me on the edge peering over. I wanted to cum so badly. But I remembered that we hadn't pulled the comforter back and I usually gush when he lets me cum so I was asking him to take the comforter down off the bed. I didn't want to get it wet. Its my favorite heavy comforter and the nights have been getting colder so I wanted to take it off the bed.

He couldn't understand me through the gag. So I stopped. Looked at him and pointed to the comforter and then the floor. He knew what I meant and we removed it from the bed. Both of us giggling because he couldn't understand my voice, but he new exactly what I meant when I pointed.
He then continued his dance, his tongue all over my nipples as his hand assaulted my cunt. I was so ready to cum and when he said "Cum for me my whore" I exploded into and orgasm that seemed to trail on forever.

My body trembling and my moans escaping the hood. he slowly removed the hood and my moans continued sing to into his mouth that now covered mine. I think his good loving wore me out because I collapsed into his arms thanking him for the present and I just kept saying "more please"..which is what I wanted, but he knows me so well he knew that after having the hood on and off three times and cumming over and over that I couldn't take anymore at that point. So he just held me stroking my hair until I came down. I was happily spent feeling so loved and adored.
His crooked smile made my heart melt. I was so pleased as was he, to have enjoyed using his slut making her into his rubber object. He knew I just needed to be held, which is what he did for most of the afternoon.

Thank you Master for such a wonderful Birthday!
I love you more than words will ever say.

Thanks for letting me share my birthday tale with you all.

Be Well-Wendy

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