Saturday, November 17, 2007

I am so excitied!

J3 has been teasing me for the past few days about my upcoming birthday. He says he got me a present! He is so thoughtful, loving,caring and sometimes quite evil. But in a good way!

He has been teasing and taunting me telling me he ordered me a hat with a veil. I somehow doubt that is what it is. I am so excited . He said that we are going to have a freaky Monday, so that can only mean that he has some devious plans concocted in his perverted mind.

I really hope so because its been a while since he has totally used his slut and I am craving his dominance. I know that he pushed the last few times. Maybe he will take me to the edge again and let us peer over. I miss my dominate lover and I want him to take us where our spirits engage each other,where our exchange is pure,where our minds weld,where patience, endurance, faith and trust is tested.
We know the place well we've been there so many times together. And sometimes its scary because Ive never let anyone explore and captivate the depths of my soul until him.

I am aching to be taken and used. Maybe if I am a good girl and adorn the present as his perfect slut he will use the flogger or even better his belt! Or a good ass teasing would be fantastic.

So I am feverishly anticipating this coming Monday and I am sure there will be lots to tell and I will share my surprise this coming week.

Be Well

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