Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Lover....

My lover is so evil.

If you've ever read our blog, you know we love to take naps. Our naps are fantastic when we sleep, but even more terrific when we play!

It was just a lazy sort of feeling day. So J3 asked" Do you want to take a nap and cuddle?" and of course I said "Yes!" So we climbed into the bed and got comfortable. I love lying face to face with him our legs intertwined. I truly love in falling asleep in his arms. I love it even more when he awakens me with his lips softly pressing on my cheek, moving to my mouth and slowly sliding his tongue over my lips.

He loves to tease me so! I was just awaking from our nap when I felt his fingers sliding through my hair as they slowly tightened and pulled. I sighed. His mouth moved down towards my naked tits and he licked and began to suck. I could only watch as he latched onto my hardened nipple. Oh how I enjoy when he plays with my breasts, I could cum just from his suckling.

His words whispered in a questioning voice “My slut, my whore, my bitch, my fuck toy, my puppy, my slave? I repeated the words and yes to each one. If you are a speed reader, slow your tempo down as I do when I call her those wonderful names.

My slit was soaking and I opened my legs wide; his hand dived towards my slit only to tease with small flutters of his fingers. I thrust towards them wanting to feel them deep inside me, but he only tormented me with his teasing, not following my begging hips.

He began placing his hand over my mouth asking “Like this?” as he covered my lips and held his hand firmly as to prevent me from taking breaths. I struggled shaking my head back and forth saying “No” as he continued to hold his hand over my mouth. I love when he controls my breathing. He held his hand over my mouth, but my nose was not covered and he said "Oh look at you! You can breathe ...breathe!" I struggled to take small sips of air through my nose. and I could , but I still enjoyed him holding me in his grasp, taking me and using me for his enjoyment. I know how much he loves seeing me struggle under his control.

He slid his hand down to my neck and slowly began to squeeze, again controlling my breath. Not too hard, but enough to allow me to struggle and beg him with my eyes to stop. He didn’t. Not until he thought it was enough. Small slaps to my face as he said “You’re mine” “My bitch” “My Whore”.

I felt his hand slide back towards my cunt, my hips still thrusting towards him. I wanted him to tease my clit and feel his fingers grabbing my pussy lips and pulling….hard and even harder still dipping into my honey and spreading my cunt juice on my clit.

He only teased and twirled his fingers lightly bringing me closer and closer to cumming, he didn’t allow me to get there yet. And he didn't touch my cunt hole as I wanted him to.

I felt his hand slide down to his cock, I could feel him stroking himself as I watched him bring his fingers to his mouth taking some spit, and then stroking himself again. His hand moved up to my face and he rubbed his spit and pre-cum all over my face. My tongue darting out to taste. He forced his hand into my mouth as I hungrily sucked his fingers. Forcing his hand into my mouth deeper still asking "Like this?" All I could do is moan beneath his hand that was almost all the way in my mouth. He forced it deeper still almost choking me and I loved it. My pussy tingling, hips rocking back and forth on his knee. I wanted so badly to feel his mouth on my cunt. But he only toyed with my clit. Teasing and tugging my wetness and then reaching up to smack my tits. Alternating, teasing my cunt and smacking my face then biting and tugging on my nipples.It was torture, I wanted to cum so badly!

Moving sideways so I could reach his cock I began to pleasure him with my hand, teasing the heated shaft from its hiding place. I licked my lips as my fingers pulled his cock back and forth; I bent my head down towards his dick and licked, sucking on his shaft. I was rewarded with a spurt of juice on my tongue.

He continued to twist and tug at my pussy, slapping it lightly and then harder and then lightly. It drives me crazy when he slaps his cunt like that! I was getting closer and closer to cumming as he smacked my face again. Pulling my hair back as I moaned into his mouth which totally covered mine.

He pulled back and asked "Show you off? Show everyone what a wonderful slut I have? What a perfect whore I own?" I nooded my I whispered "yes"

This is pretty hard for me to admit, but I know I would feel so swollen with pride to have him show me off as his. However, its taking me along time to say yes because of the poor self esteem issues that I have, but now I am getting used to the idea because I know he wants to do this and it would please him. I also am beginning to realize I am beautiful, beautiful to him....and for me thats all that matters.

Thats one hell of a paragraph. Lets dissect it just a bit and see whats going on. It must be that just as I want to show you off and be pleased by you as my whore, bitch, puppy, rubber slut, paintoy, etc... you have to be as pleased and happy in showing your self as much as I will be to show you. Its a balance thing. We will do this when we both want to. Only then will we both be pleased, proud... and humble. We have time... I still have to order the pedestal for you. You wanted the Doric style, correct? Oh!!! and by the way, you are one beautiful woman Wendy.

Exit stage left...I have to run for now...Life is calling. I will write more when I get some free time

Be Well-wendy

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