Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Nothing too Fetishy

Not too much to update on.

We haven't really had any "us" time as far as fetish stuff goes. But we did quit smoking and are doing great with that!

The last time we played I believe it was a good teasing, but so much has been going on I cant remember how that went. I should be punished?

I think the J3 is worried because I have some Dr's appointments coming up and although I would really enjoy a good beating, he is worried there would be visible marks. Heres the thing love... Why should we do something just before your visiting the Dr. that puts you in the position of having to answer " Whats with the welts?" or "How did you get those bruises?" and then proceeds to start a line of questioning that might have him flag your charts for "further evaluation." We can wait a while longer, we've done it before and we can do it again. So maybe I can get a light teasing on Fetish Friday! hint hint

We also sent in our R.S.V.P for the December Rope Meeting. Should be a great time! They are hosting a guest speaker, Graydancer who is the founder and host of the pod show the "Ropecast" which deals with rope, kinky sex and alternative lifestyles. People who have seen him in person say he is a fantastic performer especially with rope!.

We are looking forward to December!~

Thats all for now..hope everyone is having a pervy week!

Be Well


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