Monday, October 29, 2007

What a great weekend!

We went to another West Michigan rope meeting this past weekend. How awesome it was! It was held at Spiral Night Club in Old Town Lansing. What a cool place! We learned a lot this time. We were teamed up into groups and had to figure out ways to tie someone when there are physical limitations involved. We accomplished our task and the bottom C looked like she was enjoying herself just as much as we were enjoying seeing her. This was a great learning experience for both of us. I was surprised at how much can be accomplished just by the thinking out the situation first and placing the ropes and ties so that the all the ties work together as one. Engineering degree not required.

It was a great learning experience. And Sir Thomas showed J3 how to tie my hair so the knot won’t fall out when tugged! More please. (definitely) We have so much more to learn. Practice, practice, practice!

Today I am going to go sort our toy box (the kidlet is at a friends) while I have time. I purchased a new organizer type shelving unit and I want to make things more accessible when J3 asks for them.

OH how could I leave out this! Huge news....J3 asked me to marry him. We’ve talked about it before, however last night he actually asked "will you marry me?" I probably could have timed it better and done it better but it was such a beautiful drive with my awesome copilot. It was like everything could not have been more perfect. Time to ask... And of course I said yes! You can’t imagine how happy he makes me. And I want to spend the rest of my life showing him just how loved he is. I feel so giddy! My cheeks hurt from smiling so much!

Our slow ride home on the 2 lane highway was awesome. We both love taking our time and looking at the rolling hills, seeing them stretch endlessly out into the countryside. Looking for things that are not there anymore. The hotel at Elmdale.Things that probably wont be there for much longer. The old original elevator at Grand Ledge with its 4 build on additions. And wildlife that made J3 turn around for, just to show me the bird that was perched on an electric pole. That was an awesome sight! We scared him and he flew away. I am not sure what kind of bird, but the wingspan was magnificent. It was a big cranky bird that was looking for a snack before the sun went, and we were cramping his style.

We stopped and got some food for our supper, steak and asparagus it was a great little meal. (An often heard comment from either of us is "What a great little... meal, soda, movie, mocha, nap, afternoon, day.... and a whole bunch more.) After, we watched the television for a little while, but we were both sleepy so we went up to bed. I think more than that we just wanted to cuddle. There is something about feeling each other, holding one another and just unwinding that makes me feel so wonderful. It feels like home for me.

J3 and I love cuddling in bed. When we were cuddling he began stroking my shoulder blades, his arms wrapped around me. He started sliding his fingers up and down my naked skin. His fingers glide so effortlessly and they are so soft. Actually its almost effortlessly... I try to imagine painting a picture on your skin with my fingers being the paintbrushes on your canvas. This in itself could have put me to sleep, but I was really horny. J3 was whispering to me "mine" and I started rocking back and forth on his knee, it was between my legs. I felt him slip his fingers lower towards my cunt and I thrust my hips up towards them. I wanted to cum for him. I needed it after all the tastes of his imagination I had on the way home. He went lower and began flicking my clit with his fingers. Rubbing back and forth then tugging and flicking. I was moaning and my heavy throated breaths were reflecting back to my face that was buried in his chest. The first time I came it wasn't huge and only made me want more. I continued to rock my hips towards him and his fingers explored my wetness further. I wanted to feel them inside of my cunt, my body pressing harder on his digits, but he only continued their frenzied dance with them against my swollen bud. Normally I love when he turns me from his Wendy to his whore with just words and teasing but I really wanted to feel my hole filled. I reached down with my hand and began rubbing myself, our fingers twisting together in my pussy juice. I poked my fingers in and out of my hole and I began trembling and shaking. His soft whispers "Cum for me baby" "Cum for us" tingling in my ears sent me exploding into an intense orgasm. My breaths heaving in and out, and no it wasn't extreme or fetishist tonight, but sometimes I love it when we just meld into each other, no props or roles...just us making love. And I do love cumming for him regardless of the scene!

He held me as I came back to him, floating down like a feather and landing safe in his arms. I can't do justice to any description that I could write about the feeling of happiness and joy that I have while holding her while she slowly returns from her Wendaplace.

So it was a fantastic weekend!
What a great little weekend!

Trying to keep busy because we quit smoking today!! We are on our way to a healthier "us" Besides, we have a lifetime ahead of us and need to get healthier for each other. And we have set a goal of being lovers and kinksters forever and ever.

Be Well


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