Friday, February 22, 2008

Better Weeks Ahead

It has been a been a better week! I am still not feeling too good, but better than last week. My chest really hurts and I have been trying not to get to reliant on the pain medications but they sure do help!

My Master has been taking such great care of me. I am most fortunate and grateful to have him and to be his. I am looking forward to the time when he can take me and use me again. I think that will be longer than I anticipate , but will be worth the wait.

We just purchased a new pink hood from eBay it has the pony tail holes that I have wanted to get and I cant wait until he has me wear it for him. I enjoy being his rubber whore and pleasing him.

I was looking through old emails and I found this message from J3 I thought I would share, he is an amazing writer and I wish he would write more!

"Good morning my sweet slave... Do you know how much I love you and want you? Imagines you bound at my feet with your head resting on my chaps...your hands tied behind your back until I free them and allow you to rest your fingers on my thighs. You inhaling the deep smell of the black leather as I run my fingers through your hair, slowly I caress your face, my fingertips running over your collar and down the front of your body. Looking into your eyes and seeing the fire within... and I tell you in low voice, my lips next to yours.... "the flogger, my slut""

And I also found this - it was from our visit to Noir Leather in Royal Oak .

Wendy you are one fantastic, sensual woman. I would spoil you rotten if I had the chance. I wondered if I over did it with the leather and the bondage, but when I saw how at ease you were putting on the cuffs and the sparkle in your eyes when I told you to "look at yourself" when standing in front of the mirror, I knew we did the right thing. Another of those etched in my mind forever moments. Oh... and you should have heard yourself sigh when you saw yourself, or maybe you did hear it. And you looked great in the corset, next time we'll lace it a little tighter.

I did sigh and I felt so spoiled. When we left the store I wore the knee high platform boots that he got for me. I felt so amazing holding his hand as we left the store. me taking baby steps and him smiling from ear to ear.

Shame is no longer is a word I identify...he seized it from me. I needed him to consume me, encase me in his chains,and take me to those edges of addiction. Craving his strength, craving his request, craving his wicked but tender heart.
I now know this is eternity.
I am safe in this reality, no moments to deny me this everlasting moment of certainty. He snickers as my tears scream down the soft leather. Grasping against this punishment, loving it, deserving it, wanting it more ...more.
I am saturated in the hunger, the need of him.

Why do I love it when he calls me his "hardware whore"
I wait in the darkness until he brings me into the light and the darkness and he wrings my utter surrender from me even as I gasp and struggle, thinking I have given all that there is to give, He says "My slave. My partner, My love, My slut, My hardware whore" And I am astonished to find there is always more. It is as though his hand reaches inside of me, fist clenching around my core,grasping it tightly, And he tears it from me as I scream and cry and struggle. He holds it up in front of me and opens his hand and then... oh yes, then... I fly free and unfettered on the currents of heat that rise from him to carry me as we soar. I wonder if he will ever know where my heart beats strongest, against his chest, thudding loudly as he takes me once again. If he feels the exquisite agony in my surrendering, yielding, shattering completely until there is nothing left but the shaking and the tears and the certainty that it is this that I live for, this gift of self into the hands of one stronger than I, wiser than I-- Who supports and guides me as I boomerang between the bliss and despair of a life’s diversity. And I wonder, too-why it is. I even wonder about him knowing of these things, for they are the things he gave, those places where my soul has found the peace of his strength. It truly is the trust that we share the openness of “us”. And that is why I love when he calls me his “hardware whore and more” because the things we both have dreamt of, are coming true and it continues and always will continue to amaze me.

I love you Master...forever

Be Well-Wendy

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