Wednesday, March 19, 2008

She's Still Got It... and Changes Coming

Once in a while I get a chance to get out of work early, and last night was one of them. I called Wendy and said I'd be home at 10:15. When I opened the door she was standing behind it dressed for me. I must have done the "big eyes" thing because she started laughing and said "You should have seen the look on your face!" All I could say is "you look great baby." We kissed as I ran my hands over her leather corset and then pulled her closer to me with my hands on her rubber skirt covered ass. Theres definitely something about seeing her dressed and wearing the platform boots that put her about 2 inches taller than me that just drives me crazy. Babys still got it!!! Its been 6 or 7 weeks since the surgery and its great to see her dressed again. Thank you darling. Then we headed upstairs.

And the changes. So later on we are in bed talking about pervy us and she says she's unhappy about some of the things we can't do anymore. Meaning beatings, and welts, and bruises, and all those things we really love. I could tell from her voice and the look in her eyes that she was having a difficult time in having this part of our life be put into the memories only section. I tried to explain my feelings about this part of our life but I don't think it came across right. So I am going to try again now.

Wendy, my love, my darling, my slut, my partner, this is the time that we have to make changes. We can't love and play in the edgy way we used to. There is no choice in the matter. Will I miss it? I will miss it as much as you will. All I can say is keep the memories of how much you enjoyed me beating you and I will keep them also. And we won't let 'em go. When we look back on them a year, a decade, a lifetime from now I am positive we will both be still smiling our pervy smiles. I'm smiling right now thinking of what you said when you sat down at the computer and said the welts on your ass kept reminding you of me. We are going to have a great life. While some doors have closed for us, others wait for us to open them. We will open the doors together and be as inquisitive as we always have been. Remember, we are "multifaceted fetishists." I love you baby. Forever and ever, till they make the last candle.

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