Sunday, May 25, 2008

Would he?

Would you love to see me scared to admit that what I want, most would run away from? I already know enough about us to know that this is true. We are far removed from the "most." And so we will spend much more time walking along the edge. We are square pegs, but we fit so well in our world.

When things get too much for me to take, I sexily create a bratty image, this itself gives me a passport to the even darker-side of our fetish-life,the dark side of your mind.

If I am challenging, will you accept? If I want breaking - Will you bring me to the edge and soar with me? And in accepting your challenge will you be able to take what you have asked for?

Zipping my head into an ultra-tight and restrictive hood, breath hard to find, posture collar gently crushing my breath more, the catsuit hugging my body as the wrist and ankle cuffs stop any other movement.

I would be more than taken, I am within your whole world of use.
If you want to see me viciously bound in rope and my head, tightly surrounded with rubber, my mouth ball gagged tightly, I will obey and oblige. With your senses tweaked or restricted, your movements limited by the tightness of the straps, how will you feel when allowed to go where you have only imagined? Are you apprehensive about where your mind will take you when all other input is gone? What will you feel as I silently stand above you and you can't tell if I am there? What will you do when I softly stroke your body after you have escaped into the inner regions of your mind?

I would never deny you, never say no...You own me. Lock me away, use me, it's for your enjoyment.

My enjoyment comes from pushing you. Both of our dreams meet and consume us.

Forever and ever.

My fate awaits your hands.

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