Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I love sharing our dreams.The dark dreams,the ones that make me quiver with anticaption sending waves of pleasure throughout my body.Your words whispered to my ears,words you only use for me.Your slave, your slut, your bitch, your soulmate. Remembering your wicked touches that send me into places Ive only been with you. Leaving me breathless...I can almost feel you if I try hard enough.The pleasure you give me is so wonderous..Master, I've have never in my life been allowed to feel this much pleasure. And held so sweetly, adored,wanted or needed.

Thank You sounds so simple of words.. I love the dbd dreams too.I picture us doing the little things we both enjoy so. I love being your slave.,what a honor and privlage it is, knowing that you said you will only take one , and youve choosen me I love that you have seen the real me, deep inside and you take the gift I offer so willingly and together we live laugh and grow!
I love you with all that I am...and all that I will be .........forever


ki said...

Isn't it all about growing together? i think it is :)

Liked your pictures. i like to see the moments kept in images.
W/we have many pictures at my Master's webpage:

Please feel free to take a look and leave some coments by email if you like.

ki, a portuguese slave, proudly owned by Master M

J3 & his slut Wendy said...

Thanks so much for reading! I went to your site and youve got lots of amazing pictures, but no way to leave comments.

Thanks again J3&w

ki said...

Hi :) Thank you for your words. W/we have an email in every picture. It's the only way to coment for now. W/we update it often, so hope you go back some time :)

i'll keep track of your blog. It's nice to share experiences (i do have a blog but it's written in portuguese :S)

J3 & his slut Wendy said...

Thanks so much! We will add you to our blog roll. I can translate with babble..Please keep in touch and we will as well.