Sunday, June 1, 2008


J3 has Thursdays and Fridays off,
So on Thursday I wanted to dress up for him because the day before he had mentioned he wanted "tie my ass up".

Well I dressed in the platform heels I found in his closet. They were his ex's ,Still I liked them so I took them from the closet. I also had on the Cuban stockings with the seam up the back of my legs, along with the shiny PVC dress with all the zippers. Its a bit big now, but it still looked good. All the makeup and teased out hair...I looked like his perfect slut I thought.

He came over around 11:30 am.
I love his reaction when he walks in the door and I am 6 inches taller then him. He grabbed me and kissed me slow and deep telling me "You look fantastic" "My slut?" he asked I smiled and shook my head yes as I mouthed the word yes .

I smiled as he grabbed my hair and I asked " Can we go upstairs?" He motioned for me to go up and we did. I sat on the edge of the bed. He wanted to take a shower so when he was in the shower I laid back on the bed waiting for him.

He got out and came into the bedroom. I love the way his hair looks when its wet and messy. Just looking at him was making me so wet.

He climbed up onto the bed and positioned himself between my legs. pulling them high up onto his shoulders exposing my cunt to him. He moved his face towards my cunt and began licking and sucking my clit. It felt so incredible! I love when he teases me with his tongue. I pushed me legs higher and said" hold you legs for me". I could feel his cock against my cunt . It was so hard I wanted him to fuck me . He didn't . He began teasing my cunt with his fingers pushing one, two, three, and then his whole hand inside me. I felt so exposed so used...I came so hard against his hand! Slowly he pulled his fingers back out pinching my clit with his other hand.

Grinning at me and asking "forever?" I sighed and shook my head yes. He lowered himself down I felt his cock at the entrance of my cunt slowly he pushed his dick inside me. It felt so silky so hard so hot! At first he was thrusting slowly, wiggling his hips back in forth My hips grinding slowly against his rhythm. He grabbed my hands and thrust them up above my head holding them there "Rough?" he asked I mumbled the word yeasssss. My legs almost above my head now he still slowly pulled himself in and out of me. "Mean?" he asked and began thrusting harder and deeper inside my sopping wet cunt. I started to cum as he looked at me and smiled "my slut" and as I exploded so did he!

He pulled himself out and took his fingers and stuck them into our wetness.

Moving them to my mouth he says "suck" I eagerly suck and lick our juice from his fingers, then he took them and started licking them himself.

MMMM I love when he makes me taste us!

He laid next to me stroking me for a long time telling em how wonderful it is to have such a perfect whore like me. I was beaming! Is it any wonder that I am so in love with him! As we floated back down we fell asleep in each others arms.

It wasn't a fetish scene. We didn't have any bondage, nor did we use any of our toys or ropes.

He made love to me and I was feeling like his slut...his bitch....his perfect whore.

It was a fantastic Thursday


ki said...

i completly agree: sometimes Master M just wants cuddling, and cuddling is what this slave will do :) And, at those moments, i feel His, has i always do, no more, no less.
Isn't that the best? Having no limits in a relation?

ki, proudly owned by Master M
(thank you J3 and Wendy for adding U/us)

J3 & his slut Wendy said...

thank you so much ki! for reading our blog and commenting. We don't get many comments and we love to hear them. And yes having no limits is the Best!