Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Busy week....Friday is almost here

Its been a busy past couple of weeks. October has just zoomed by.

We are still in the process of painting the house and such.
Jim is doing "something" in that barn of ours everyday.
the projects seem to be coming along. I am sure it will be next spring before I am actually feeling like we are making a dent.
Still haven't pulled the bushes out of the front. But I think it makes it look sorta spooky.

And we have had NO us time. Partly because the terrorist is home all the time.
Maybe this next week on J3's days off we will get to have some fun.

Friday is fast approaching! I am really excited! I can hardly wait to be Mrs. P!
I believe that I have everything in order. J3 gave me a little bat ring today! Its so cute.
I wish it fit my ring finger, I think he wanted to use it for the ceremony.
But its too big, so we are just going to use the little diamond band I got from craigslist.
We will be taking lots of pictures I am sure, and will post after the weekend.

My old friend is coming to town, which I am really excited about as well.
And my new friend is going to be our witness. I feel so honored that she said she would.
This part of our friendship is going fantastic!
I cant wait to explore more with her!

Wish us Luck!

Be Well-

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