Friday, January 30, 2009

Because sometimes everyday life gets in the way of plans

We really haven't had any intimacy lately. Because sometimes everyday life gets in the way of plans.

The good news is someone is buying J3's house that he had in Grand Rapids. Maybe now his mind will settle from that worry.

I really do miss our "us" time.
And wish it could be more than just be on his days off.
Even if it doesn't involve the "fetishy" us. I would love to have more intimacy.

I think we've realized we are not a M/s couple, or even a D/s couple.

We are fetish lovers and we are very fortunate to have found one a other in such a deep sea, where a lot of people settle for less than what they are and what they need and want.

We pretty lucky that we are so compatible.
Sometimes it 's a little bizarre to me. But then again we are pretty freaky, and I smile because we are attuned.
Like we say "opposite sides of the same coin"

True submission doesn't deny my own value or negate our differences. It offers my ideas,opinions and strengths with the motive of adding something that only I can give; but this is an offer, not a command sharing, not a takeover.
A giving of myself, not a power play.In submitting I do not give up my true self; rather I give out myself, not denying who I am but offering who I am as an act of love and trust.

I do submit.Rather I prefer to be submitting...not dominating.
I love being his whore, slut, anything he wishes me to be.
True submission cannot take place if I deny my true self because then I have nothing of substance to offer -not a real person only an empty shell.

I was looking back at some photos we took before we were living together. Seems like we had so much more intimacy then. More than we do now.

I wonder whats wrong with me? midlife crisis.
I wonder if somethings wrong with him.
Tomorrow marks three months that weve been married.
Tue will be a year gone by since my open heart....
I am more in love with him everyday.

So here is the picture, Ive never shared these because I hated how I looked.

He's always told me I was beautiful. I never believed him.

But now, I think I look pretty good.And I actually do enjoy dressing for him.

Thanks for reading...
Be Well
-A melancholy Wendy


trinity-pup said...

Thank you for sharing - you look amazing :-)

and congrats on 3 months! *hugs*

t. x

J3 and his slut Wendy said...

Thank You t.x Its nice to get feedback.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, you look fantastic, I would love to know how ya did it.

J3 and his slut Wendy said...

HI Rebecca Lynn,
I had to make huge lifestyle changes and surgery. If you go to the beginning of my blog(check Jan-Feb of last year), you can read more about it.

Thanks for the comments.

Sub Sweet said...

Congrats on all counts. No, it's not mid life crisis lol. I bet it's always been there, just never had a name for it.

I'm finding submission is extra sweet at this point in my life. I understand it, cherish it, and freely give it.

I'm enjoying your blogs. Find a lot of similarities between us. Hope you don't mind if I follow you.