Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oh my..CUNT!


As for *why* it became considered so vulgar, I'm not sure.
Personally, I love the word.

The hard consonants require you to put a whole lot of power behind the word, which gives it the same kind of thrust (pardon the pun) as, say, "cock".
According to Wikipedia.

"Cunt (IPA:/kĘŚnt/) is an English language vulgarism referring generally to the female genitalia,[1] specifically the Cleft of Venus. The earliest citation of this usage in the Oxford English Dictionary, circa 1230, refers to the London street known as "Gropecunt Lane".

"Cunt" is also used informally as a derogatory epithet in referring to either sex, but this usage is relatively recent, dating back only as far as the late nineteenth century.[2] The Compact Oxford English Dictionary defines "cunt" as "an unpleasant or stupid person", whereas Merriam-Webster defines the term as "a disparaging term for a woman" and "a woman regarded as a sexual object"; the Macquarie Dictionary of Australian English defines it as "a despicable man".

The word appears to have been in common usage from the Middle Ages until the eighteenth century. After a period of disuse, usage became more frequent in the twentieth century and, in particular, in parallel with the rise of popular literature and pervasive media. The term also has various other derived uses and, like "fuck" and its derivatives, has been used mutatis mutandis as noun, pronoun, adjective, participle and other parts of speech.

"In referring to a woman, cunt is an abusive term usually considered the most offensive word in that context and even more forceful than bitch.
( which I also love being called)

Cunt is used extensively in Australia, Ireland and also in some parts of the UK as a replacement noun, more commonly among males and the working classes, similar to the use of motherfucker or son of a bitch among some Americans in extremely casual settings. For instance, "The cunt of a thing won't start," in reference to an automobile; or "Pass me that cunt," meaning "Pass me that item I need"; or "Those cunts down the road," referring to people in the vicinity. When used in this sense, the word does not necessarily imply contempt nor is it necessarily intended to be offensive."

I've always loved the word.
And J3 rarely uses any other word to describe my sex.
Actually when he uses the word "pussy" it sounds funny.
I hadn't hear him say pussy was always cunt.
I had to ask him to say pussy. And when he did, it was hilarious...he said it so it was a bad bad word.

But he has no problems saying cunt! It just rolls off his tongue.
And it always makes me smile when he says the word "cunt"

For me...its such a turn on. To hear called cunt. Or asked if I am his cunt. Told to play with my cunt!
Its such a terrific word. CUNT!

And Wow, J3 eats cunt like no other. He takes his time parting the lips, sucking the clit, using his fingers to massage me just the right way...he licks and sucks and tells me how much he loves my beautiful cunt!

No complaining about how long it takes me to cum, No "I do you,now do me" it's just pure and loving pleasure shared and very much wanted and appreciated.
And this is precisely what he did to me yesterday!

I think I have an extra-large clit. Maybe from all the years of masturbating!
Because my clit is so sensitive, I hardly ever wear panties. When I do wear them, the material rubs against my clit, and before you know it, I'm soaking wet.

We started by tonguing each others mouths. He asked me "Do you want me to undress you?" he asked.

It was Wednesday, which is PVC day so I was wearing PVC from head to toe!

( I know, its not to much of a fetishy pic, but its one of the few we took), you get the outfit idea tho)

Of, course my reply was "yes".
He slowly undressed me, we were rubbing flesh against flesh.
He was really hot, and his cock was sticking straight out in front of him.
It was so stiff; I could have tied an anchor to it.
I was in a parallel state, leaking fuck juice in steady spurts.

My breasts tingled with excitement as he licked and bit my hardened nipples. He moved down between my knees, I spread my legs wide and squashed his face onto my silky cunt.

I was so far gone, I almost came when his nose parted my cunt lips and
twisted into the inner folds of my juicy slit. But I wanted him to suck my
clit harder. Moving his head back, he looked at me confused.
"Suck it into your mouth," I said to him, before he had a chance to remark. I whispered “It's getting hard just thinking about your lips enclosed around it." He didn’t need much persuading and again buried his head into my cunt, this time sucking my hard button deeper with hungry, wet lips.
I was stroking his stiffness with my hand as he continued he tongue dance on my soaking wet cunt.

My clit hardened as he sucked it harder and harder still,biting and pulling throbbing bud, and soon it was fully erect and beating like a miniature penis. I trembled viciously as he began to slowly run his tongue over the me , then fast, then slow again.
And I felt my legs weaken when the orgasm drifted over me. It started as a tingling, then built to a upsurge, causing me to inhale sharply and loose all feeling in my legs.

It was a good orgasm, but I wanted more. I needed his cock sliding in
and out of my cunt. Pulling his head away - not an easy task, since the man was latched to my pussy like a leech.

I moved down to his throbbing dick. I began to suck on his cock, running it deep into the back of my throat. I love the feel of sucking a his hot cock .
My lips slid smoothly over him, and I could feel his cock pulse in my mouth. Did I mention that I love the feel of him deep in my throat!
Oh! and when he holds my head down, choking me with his cock.
OH MY! I could actually cum from his forcefulness. Like he doesn't ever want to leave the depths of my throat.

When I started to suck him in earnest, he groaned, pushing his stomach against my face, feeding all of his length into my gulping mouth. I could tell he was on the edge. But just before he blew his wad, I stopped. I didn't want to take a chance of his blowing off, and not getting hard again. I wanted him inside my cunt!

I climbed on top of him, straddling him smiling at him. He bent up towards me and began licking and biting my breasts while I reached between my legs and guided his ridged cock to my cunt.

I was so wet and open, I buried him in the full length with one stroke. I almost came on that stroke, my clit rubbing against the invading shaft.

But I held myself back, wanting the excitement to build. I began fucking him with long, steady strokes, rocking my hips back and forth,nearly taking his cock out before ramming it home again.

I could tell by his heavy breathing that he wouldn't last much longer. With a shudder I let my orgasm take control. Shock waves electrified my entire body. My clit twinged and pulsed, causing my cunt to contract and suck at the same time. I could tell by the tension in his body he was spilling his load inside my cunt.
Cumming hard,my cunt unleashed a flood of juice drenching his
cock and it dribbled over his quivering balls. When my lover and I finished, I rolled off and lay gasping beside him, totally exhausted. Spent.

We lay in bed my head resting on his chest, cuddled and I held my hands between my legs, feeling my throbbing cunt, feeling my heart beat through it until I fell into a dreamless sleep on his chest.

I think I'm the luckiest woman alive.

He loves being inside my cunt...probably as much as I love him inside me!

Have a great weekend.
Our's has already arrived!

Be Well-Wendy

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