Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sexy Blogger Award? WOW....I'm Sexy!

I didn't even know that this award existed!
Trinty Pup awarded this prestigious award! So thank you so much t.p
Me sexy??? wow!
So it works like this: you have to list 5 sexy things about yourself and tag 4 others.
1. I have a sexy smile....or so I have been told
2. I feel very sexy when I have on the latex top and skirt, along with the corset and thigh high boots. Thigh High Boots are SEXY
3. I feel sexy when I am talking to my honey about being his dirty nasty girl.
4.Last one, whew! I think I have sexy legs. I have always loved me legs and J3 seems to like the too. even more when I wear THIGH HIGH BLACK AND SHINY BOOTS.
My nominees are
1. I cant pick t.p cause themz the rules...
So I pick Synn...cause shes just sexy as hell!

2.this girl - She had such a unique relationship. I think she is very sexy and we love reading about her adventures with Grimly.!
3.lil j- she is such a sexy lady! her Master Nawa G is an amazing rope rigger . We met them at West Michigan Rope meet. And they way she seems to float in the ropes when her Master binds her is amazingly sexy!
WOW! what an amazing relationship she and her Master share. They are a great couple and the things she endures under her Owner's hands is truly amazing. She is a very sexy lady and her pictures are fantastically sexy!
So now that you've read my awards its time for you to nominate your awards! and lets all get SEXY
Be Well-Wendy

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trinity-pup said...

you're very welcome, but... you can't tag me again!! ;-) you need to pick another blogger! (themz the rulez!)

t. x