Thursday, May 21, 2009

His Rubber Doll..Slut...Fuck Toy...His.

He loves do I. And its been a while since we've been able to enjoy it together. Life gets in the way of our making plans.
The night before last I was napping on the couch, and Jim came in with a note that he placed under my blanket.
He said read it I dozed back to sleep. A few minutes later I remembered that he gave me the note.

It read something like
Dear Slut,
Awake by 9 am be ready. Shaved ..rubberized from head to toe
and plugged and gagged.
A mask where I can see your eyes and use your mouth. A gag that is comfortable and boots you can stand for hours and hours.
Wear the ankle,thigh and wrist cuffs. The collar and the leash.
Also be sure to have fresh batteries in the toys and camera.
I wish I saved the letter...but you get the idea.
But I have a copy. Jim writing now and this is what I wrote on Sunday:
Dear Slut,
You will wake up before nine.
You will shower, shave your cunt, and make yourself presentable.
You will lube your ass and cunt and plug (plural) yourself.
You will dress from head to toe in rubber, including gloves and stockings.
You will put on a pair of boots that you can wear for 5 hours.
You will put cuffs on your ankles, thighs, and wrists.
You will wear a rubber hood that allows me to see your eyes and use your mouth.
You will pick and wear a gag that you can tolerate for the longest period.
You will wear a collar and a leash.
You wil make sure that vibes and camera have fresh batteries.
You have asked to be used....Tomorrow is torment and torture Monday.
You will beg me to stop.... I won't.

It was Sunday...Unfortunately on Monday I wasn't feeling well.

So it didn't happen until Tuesday. Wasn't Tuesday, you had Dr. Appt. (And the numbers were fine, hoorah!!!)

I awoke early on Tuesday, (Wednesday)
I did everything as instructed except for the ass plug (I tried, but my bum was sore)and fresh batteries in the toys and camera.
He was out playing with the pool when I was getting ready for him.
I dressed head toe in rubber and used the pump up gag in my cunt. I was wearing all the rubber and restraints. I had some things to do in the garden, with the pool and puttering in the barn. Before I went outside I remember hearing her going through the clothes closet and the sound of the latex and I said, "It's easier putting on the rubber when your in the shower." (This I know from about 2 weeks earlier when I did the full dressing thing on myself for her.) I came back in the house about an hour later, just in time to hear "I'm not ready yet." "I know, it takes longer to get dressed by yourself" and I went back out to putter a little longer in the barn.

He looked pleased when he came inside and saw me. Pleased? I hope I looked more than "pleased." Here was my slut, my fuck toy, dressed and plugged as I wanted her to and she looked great. She must have been done dressing for a little while because she was on the puter when I came in. Found out later she was taking pics with the webcam, one is posted below. She stood up and I pulled her to me and kissed her while my hands tried to explore every inch of her body, playing close attention to plug and how it was teasing her. (reset... the plug and I were both teasing her.) There was one final item needed to complete the ensemble. We have a rule that no gags or breath restriction hoods be used unless the other is present. She picked up the ballgag and turned around while I buckled it behind her neck. "Too tight?" I think she responded with something that meant "It's OK."
He took me by the leash and started walking me around. Before I did that I took some chains and snaps and pulled her wrists behind her back and snapped the cuffs to the D-ring belt. He chained my feet together so I had to take baby steps. Surprising how well she walks baby step style with the boots, especially since every two or three steps I would pump up or let a little air out of the plug. I walked her a few steps into the dining room and told her we were going out side by the pool. Three things then happened simultaneously, her eyes got big, she shook her head no, and she made that sound like "nnnnnnnmh." I asked her if there was a problem with that. She said something that sounded like "nahbow." Neighbors? Our closest neighbors are about 500 plus feet away. OK, you get to stay in this time but when the trees are full there will be photos on the deck and in the pool.
There was a brief photo shoot...and then he proceeded to tease and torture me. Not sure photo shoot is the right word. I took some pics as we went from room to room. And some of them turned out great.
I was licked and sucked and fisted and fucked. I was spit on and told what a slut I was...His slut. I begged and screamed and loved every minute of his teasing.
He used me well until I was cumming and singing and shaking.He did this over and over and over. I was well used.
Then I rode his cock and he came as well. I love being able to please him and I am so happy to be his.

We spent the rest of the afternoon recovering...Well I did anyway..I was exhausted and so high in subspace that I could hardly walk.
It was a fantastic afternoon. I would go into more detail, however its early and I need to get ready for the day...we are going into GR today for errands.
So here are the pics.....some will enjoy , others will say we are to freaky.
But we are just us...and we keep getting better and better!

Be Well


assistive said...

Can't be freaky enough for some folk (like me) Thank you for the recap and pictures, I love your back and forth he said she said writing. It is always so interesting to hear the thoughts of a person who is unabe to speak at the moment, and it is wonderful to hear comments about what is being seen(and felt) when the sub might not be able to see what is going on (or the effect it is having) Thought you would want some feedback and I'm interested to hear more.


J3 and his slut Wendy said...
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J3 and his slut Wendy said...

Thanks Tim! Its really ncie to get some feedback ! Usually we dont get any responses...well a few.
SO thanks bunches.
Glad you enjoyed reading.

pervey Jim& Wendy

assistive said...

Well a little thing that would be fun to see is a layer by layer picture story as each item is added. The other side of that is removing one item at a time to see what might look normal is actually layers of inaccessible goodies. hearing your give and take comments during something like that would also be a blast. I enjoy helping create challenges in b&d if you want to discuss that here or in mail. Doesn't look like you need any help, but sometimes it can be fun to do

trinity-pup said...

You look FANTASTIC!! :-)

Mmmmm sounds like a wonderful time!

t. x

J3 and his slut Wendy said...

Thanks pup!! we really smile when we hear that people actually like what we write and post. We cant wait to hear what SG measured you for!