Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer Time !

So its summer, and we haven't had much alone time. Due to the fact that the terrorist(kidlet) and her brother are around. The other night they stayed at friends.

SO I decided to dress for my honey. I just won this outfit off of E bay. Actually it was a lovely deal.

My hair is really thinning out so I opted for the wig.
I like it and am thinking of getting my hair cut short for the summer. I loved my long hair, But ever since I cut it last year it just hasn't been the same, so maybe I will go cut it short. Will see

Anyway.....Jim came home from work and I was just finishing dressing for him. He said you look hot baby, and smiled. We then retreated to the bedroom where he dived into my cunt with his tongue, darting all around my clit , sucking and licking me into a cumming frenzy.I love when he teases me this way. And Ive gotten better at just letting go and feeling it. Plus he seems to enjoy it so!

Hopefully will be able to sneak some more "us " time in as I have a few new outfits I want to wear for him.

Hope everyone is having a cool summer!

Be Well-Wendy....and Jim
Here is a peak at the outfit.


Anonymous said...
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trinity-pup said...

You look FANTASTIC! :-)

can i come and play?! ;-)

t. x

J3 and his slut Wendy said...

Oh my pup...we would love that!Only if SG approves!

thanks sweetie!

trinity-pup said...

*grins* i am sure SG would approve! ;-)

t. x