Friday, September 25, 2009

Another Fantastic Thursday!

SO.............. it was to be another "Torment Me Thursday" It didn't quite happen. I woke early and wanted to dress for he had said Monday "What are you doing Thursday? Lets have an Us Day" I was excited and quite looking forward to Thursday coming.

We ended up shooting a few pics in the barn. And found out we need a new camera.

I loved the look on his face when he saw me emerge from the bathroom. And I asked "You want to take me to the barn?" So I put on his long robe and ventured with him to the barn.Was nice to see our neighbor checking her mail just as we were walking out. But I really didn't care.I should have waved hello!

We were having a fun time! He snapped some pics and we ended up going back into the house and he proceeded to use me for his pleasure.

I was pretty tripped into subspace with all his delicious torments to my cunt...and when he pulled me on top of him and had me riding him like a pony I was cumming in no time. It was a long wanted orgasm and when he grabbed my wrist and began to squeeze them telling me to "ride me pony" well, I was in heaven.

This is a short post I am still reeling in the after effects...and I am sure J3 could describe our awesome day much than I ever could (hint hint)

And although we didn't get to take pics of the straight jacket, we did have a great day indeed.

Will be sure to post some more pics of our lovely straight jacket when the new camera comes.

Be Well-Wendy


G & j said...

So VERY Hot!!!! *S We love walking j to the barn dressed all sexy!!! So we see you are getting some use from the barn *S

Hope to see you guys again soon!!!

G & j

trinity-pup said...

Wow.. awesome photos!! :-) Sounds like a great barn there... you did say we could still have it, didn't you??!! :-)


t. x

J3 and his slut Wendy said...

Thanks G&J We love the barn....but its still got a long way to go. Jim has far too much "stuff" in there...and we don't get to go out there much because things are a work in progress. Looks like you two have been having lots of fun in your barn though!
maybe we can get to a rope meet soon. Will see..with he terrorist being back in school it may be possible if she meets some friends she can stay with on a Saturday.

t.x ..We promised you the barn? I think your delusional from being in that vac-bed too long! Thanks for the comments. Coming from you that means a lot!