Friday, September 11, 2009

Full Leather Thursday

We both slept well but I woke up before she did and being a little hungry, drove into town for a mocha and a paper. Woke up Wendy before leaving and said I would be back in a few minutes and mentioned a few things ("Full Leather is my plan") to help her wake up with a smile and get her head in the right place for the day. This happened somewhere around 9:15 AM.

While eating a snack and sipping on the mocha I made a mental checklist: straitjacket, chaps, hood, cuffs, boots, chains and snaps. Full leather Thursday. What a great day ahead! A wonderfully deviant time will be had by both of us. I probably should mention that my off days are Thursday and Friday, which at least gives us two days for proper perviness because the kidlet (aka The Terrorist) is in school.

Going back home about a half hour later I notice two school buses coming down the road... driving away from the high school. Hmmm... maybe they are taking the students on a field trip. I pull into the driveway and get out of the car just in time to see more school buses go by and then one stops in front of the house. "You gotta be kidding me..."

I run into the house to tell Wendy to put the leather back in the closet, but she's on the 'puter, sighs, gives me the look and says, "They called and emailed right after you left."

From: InstantAlert_******
Subject: High School Early DismissalTo: ************
Date: Thursday, September 10, 2009, 9:31 AM
Alert Name: High School Early Dissmissal
Alert Type: School Closing
Complete Message: Due to a water main break at the High School will be dismissing at 9:25 today. We do plan to be in session tomorrow. Thanks.
School Name: ******* ***** ******* High School
Sent By: *** *******

So thats the reason there is no update, no pics of her straitjacket bound, no torments and cuddles and falling asleep in each others arms. Well there's always Friday. Nope, Dr's appointments.

Life goes on while we make plans.... Lets try for next Thursday baby.


Anonymous said...

I know how that feels.

trinity-pup said...

Aww man... that's too bad! Oh well, i shall have to be patient for the next post! Can't wait to see Wendy in the straitjacket.

Maybe when SG and i move into the barn, we can compare them! :-)

t. x