Monday, November 30, 2009

My Birthday Present is Beautiful!

It was the worst Birthday ever. My 40th. But it wasn't an age turning milestone that made it so terrible. The loss of my mother among other things going on in our lives made it the "worst".

But my honey cheered me up when he gave me this lovely chain with a heart locket on it, and matching key chain holding the keys to the locket.

ITS BEAUTIFUL! I love it so much!

Also its very special to me because my best friend Frann from Armored Hearts made it for us.
She makes incredible chain mail wearable art!

Click the link above to explore her etsy site. She also does custom work! Just ask her if you don't see something and you have an idea! Shes the BEST!!

thank you my honey and Frann for making me smile on on of the worst days!

Hopefully will have an "us" day soon! I want to

try out the new hood!

Life goes on while we're making plans....

Be Well


P.S- this is the choker collar Frann made for my wedding present last year.

It too is handcrafted and beautiful!! Thanks Frann.

Please go visit her site on the link below. Fantastic for spoiling the one you love this holiday season!

Armored Hearts - Custom Chainmaille and Wearable Art


trinity-pup said...

Happy Birthday!!! :-) Hmmm... 40 huh? Life begins... you know (or so they say).

i love the necklace and bracelet - lucky girl! :-)

*special hooded and bound birthday hugs*

t. x

J3 and his slut Wendy said...

thanks tp..actually its not a bracelet. its a key chin holding the keys to the locket. and I am a lucky girl

hugs wendy

Armored Hearts said...

You know I never knew you promoted me. I just checked Google Analytics and I get more hits from your blog than from all the artist groups I'm in COMBINED. Keep it up and you'll become my guinea pig for Fetish designs! I love you Wendy.