Sunday, November 8, 2009

San Fransisco,The Redwoods, Wicked Grounds and More!

What a fantastic vacation we had! WOW!! What an awesome honeymoon-anniversary !

The food was amazing! As were the drinks!

We started with Indian Cuisine (lamb tandoori and Malai Mushroom) at new place on Folsom Street by a suggestion from the lovely barista at Wicked Grounds. Our first meal was outstanding!

Friday we had Dungeness crab and scallops at the Crab House on Pier 39
SO tasty and the best "Crab Chowder" Ive ever had the pleasure to eat!

Sunday was fish and chips with an Anchor Steam for Jim and shrimp scampi and chardonnay for me at the Fog Harbor restaurant.

But we both thought that Saturday's (Halloween and our actual anniversary) meal at
Lark Creek Steak in the Downtown area was the best meal ever!
We started with French Onion Soup, Beef Carpaccio
Filet Mignon with Red wine butter was simply amazing!
Along with the red wine we shared on a suggestion from the awesome server we had!
She was the best ever too!
I must also mention the fantastic drinks !
Cucumber Mojito was so yummy!

Then we sampled a Coffee Granita that was a refreshing ending and just the right size for sharing
Its going to be tough to beat this meal.
Jim even enjoyed the beets that were with the Beef Carpaccio!

We actually got in all the sights we wanted to see (this time) such as Fisherman's Wharf , The Redwood Forest, The Marin Highlands, Mill Valley, The Mission District, The Castro, Haight- Ashubury,

The San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

After the Redwood and Muir Lookout we enjoyed breakfast in Mill Valley.

I still highly doubt that we saw 1% of what the city has to offer.

Our Banana Split we shared from Ghirardelli Square
It was so sinful ! But I over did it and had to ask Jim if we could go back to the room as I was getting so clammy and sick feeling from the sugar overload and was in need of a nap QUICK!

While Wendy took a nap and recovered I went down the street to Madame S to find the perfect anniversary present. We had been there the day before trying to find a special latex dress or catsuit, but I think everyone in the city with the exception of people able to wear small or extra small cleaned out much of their inventory for Halloween festivities. Luckily, the woman who helped us the day before was working and she knew that I was interested in a hood for Wendy. She helped me narrow it down to about three or four before I realized, "How are these sized?" I really wanted to get Wendy something special to take back to the hotel and surprise her, but how do I make sure it will fit? Hmmmm... CLICK! The light bulb in my brain went on. "We wear the same size hood. If it fits me, it will fit her." She looked at me and said "Sit down and I will help you try it on." As she did the lacing down the back of the hood I could tell that it would fit Wendy as it was snug on me with enough room to make it even tighter. "How much space is there to draw the laces tighter?" She responded "about 1/2 to 1 inch." "Perfect, we'll take it."

I want take a moment to say this about Madame S and Mr. S Leather. This is a great place to do some serious fetish and bondage shopping. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, and the store is immaculate. If you are going to SF and are pervy, this definitely has to be on your "must" list.

We also checked some of the other leather and fetish shops that friends had suggested but didn't see anything spectacular that we haven't already looked at online. We found one pair ballet boots... far too expensive as we would do better looking on E-bay.

Still it was great fun looking around and smiling back and forth at each other.

We even went to Alcatraz Island !.
A guided tour that was really interesting and gave us some fantastic views for photos.

We rented a car for the week and if we ever go again we will just use public transportation as its so expensive to park a car there and finding a parking spot is hell! Trying to always have change in your pocket to feed the parking meter is insane, 25 cents for 8mins. So next time we will use the street and cable cars. They were so much fun to ride, just like in all the movies you see. We followed "Kinques" recommendation and got the day pass. What a great deal.

There is so much to do there! A great place to visit, but I would not want to live there, just prefer our country casa.

A really sad part of SF is all the homeless people. Makes you wonder how they got there and where their family is. From what I could see, many of them had mental health issues and it made you wonder what invisible (to us) demons they were physically fighting on the sidewalks and in the alleyways.

We had some fantastic coffee and famous flour-less cake at Wicked Grounds,a kink friendly coffee shop that is owned by a fantastic couple, Rose and Psychokat. While sipping your caffeine fix, walk around and check out the art, BDSM and fetish related books, and "toys."

The table-tops had various BDSM and fetish images on them.

I loved the one with the comic heroes in bondage!

Halloween Night! Happy Hallowversary Honey!

This was when we had that fantastic meal at Lark Creek and we both dressed in sorta fetish clothes. I had vampire fangs on.
and thought I actually looked really good. My new boots and a long coat that I adore and have never had a chance to wear. Purchased the dress from fits me like it was made for me. Cant really see it here, but I thought I looked (here is that word again) Fantastic! And from Jim's smile when he saw me I knew he was pleased.

It was fun to see people looking at me walking about the town in the 6 inch platforms, which Jim said I walked well in! (small grins, I did walk really well in them!) The people's reactions were funny to me! I even scared a little girl! I know ..I know...not nice, but I smiled with her after I scared her and she was then laughing.

Jim looked so hot in his metallic pants from Lip-service and his new combat boots! I wanted to bite him all night!!

We also went back to Wicked Grounds that night and got to see some neat costumes the people had on for Halloween. Or maybe it was just the regular Saturday night crowd. From a really scary clown and an unhappy school girl to a Raven and even a Gypsy!

It would be hard pressed to include all we did on our trip, and I hope Jim will add to this entry.
I will end with this.....


to love -my partner- my everything!-thanks for the best year ever too honey!
to Wendy... I love you and keep you forever and ever. Has it really been a year?

Thanks for reading friends....Be Well,Wendy


trinity-pup said...

AWESOME post!!!

You certainly had a great time. I love the photos ;-)

We looked after your barn whilst you were away... :-)

t. x

J3 and his slut Wendy said...

thanks t.x ..we knew we left her in good hands!lol