Saturday, April 3, 2010

Slow Year-hard Times

Hello Everyone! Happy Spring!

Its been slow going here in Michigan. We have had a lot on our plate and not enough "us" time.

We have had a couple days where I was hooded and sleep sacked. But I want more.
My love is the most amazing man. Not only is he as pervy as me- he encourages me to be my pervy self with him. AMAZING! We got to try out the new hood from SF and I didn't want to come out.

I just wanted to updated and let you all know we are still alive. Maybe with the warm weather coming we can go out and play in the barn!!!hint hint.

And so here goes the promotion part.
CHAIN MAILE!! My friend Frann from Armored Hearts is having a sale! go see her!
He work is amazing and if you ever wanted something unique to give to your Master...or your slave shes got the stuff!!
This was my B-day present from my Love that he ahd her make. And I love it! Go see her at the link above!

Will Keep in touch and hopefully have some juicy stories to tell in the near future!

Be Well

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trinity-pup said...

Hey, it's great to read you again. We were wondering where you'd gone. Had a recent session in inflatable sleepsack and hood/s - felt awesome!

Ooh barn time sounds good fun! ;-)

We'll keep reading all your fab adventures.

t. x