Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Friday List

just a quick note to our readers: Thank you for your patience, and to those that wrote, thank you for your concern. I am sure many of you have experienced the same types of problems that we had recently. Dealing with them just overwhelmed our kinky plans, and often our everyday vanilla ones. Have to take care of family first, that's just the way Wendy and I are set up. We hope that calmer times are ahead and we are looking forward to being more pervy more often.

"We now return to our regularly scheduled program already in progress."

The Friday List

So we are sitting there eating lunch before I had to go to work and I ask "So what are you doing tonight?" The way I said it I stretched out the word "so" that it lasted about 3 times as long as it should have. The way she said "What do you have planned?" and the way she looked at me told me that she already knew the answer to her question, what a dirty girl. "Well I was thinking have you dress as my slut, chain you to the chair, and torment you." While I was teasing her with my words I could tell from her widening smile that we were both on the same wavelength. "I want to be your slut tonight, I'll be anything you want." What a great lunch, although I can't remember what we ate.
I truly believe that he enjoys teasing me.And I know when he asks, "So what are you doing tonight, that he has "us" time planned. It is always a question that is sure to make me smile!

I love dressing for pleasure, and its been such a long since we have been able to dress up and play that I was just giddy from the idea.

What to have her wear? We could do the back and forth which usually ends with me saying "You know what I like." And without a doubt she does know what I like. So what should I have my slut wear? I got it, need to make a list. Uh-oh... running late. Just write down the essentials. I walked into the living room and said"I made a list of what I want you to wear." She smiled and said "OKkkkk... Where is it?" I kissed her, told her I loved her and headed for the door without answering her question. "Where's the list?" "You'll find it." I was smiling huge as I headed off to work, hope its a short night. By the way, I tucked the list into her pack of smokes.

I looked in all my emails. Nothing. I searched the computer, still nothing. Now he has me so curious... Should I wait for the call he said he would give me, or call him and tell him I couldn't wait. Hmmm, decisions, decisions. Let me have a smoke while I contemplate what to do.
Oh my...he has left the list in a place where I
am sure to find it. The cigarettes.
Should be easy enough, I love spending the time getting ready
for him. I hope he enjoys my efforts. I am not sure enjoys is the best word but I sure as hell love seeing her dressed as my slut when I get home and saying "Wow! You look great!" YES ENJOYS IS THE RIGHT WORD!

Lists! Thank Goodness he gave me one this time! Usually he says "you know what I like" or "you know what we like." And I like to think that I do kno
w, but its so much easier to dress when he suggests what he would like to see me dressed in. Otherwise it takes me hours just to decide what to wear.

It's not that we have a huge wardrobe, I just never know what he would really pick because he always lets me choose. And I want to blow his socks off when he walks in the door and sees me. A perfect slut...his perfect whore.

Ok...I know what I am wearing, but the make-up is another story. Before we moved in together I used to spend hours preparing for him when we would plan "us time." I always wanted to be prefect, the woman of his dreams. To have him look at me and say "Yeaaas! That's exactly how I wanted you dressed."

So after about an hour of arranging our "toy chest/ward
robe" I placed all the items from the list on the bed.
On to the rest of the list...
#1 make up.

I love the way heavy /dramatic makeup looks in pictures because it shows up so much more. But sometimes it looks like too much to me. I need someone to teach me the art of applying whore makeup! (I don't think that you can find someone to do extreme makeup by looking in the yellow pages or Google. But someone we have talked with has offered to do your makeup. In the mean time you look great with you solo attempts.) So I took my time. Applied the false lashes and began thinking about what colors would look good with the black and blue wig. Its my favorite wig and the most comfortable. I love all of the wigs I have. But I think I look best in this one. It has blue highlights in it. Also I know that J'3 digs it.

So I carefully lined my eyes...applying the liner in just the right places. Dark purple eyeshadow that ended up looking like a blue hue to me. I was using black lipstick, but it always seems to bleed and smudge. Ahhh-Hahhhh! I know! black eyeliner pencil. It worked so well! And i didn't have to worry about it coming off, or smudging.
I thought it looked pretty good! After we were done playing, not so
much though. (Actually it still looked great. Were you expecting it to still be perfect?) My hair color is a reddish auburn now and the blue make-up definitely doesn't go with the auburn hair.

My makeup application started around 6-ish. I think J'3 was home by 9:30. So just over 2.5 hrs this time for the make-up not including the final touches before he arrived such as the wig and one last application of midnight black lipstick(eyeliner).. not too bad

After I had the basics of my makeup on I started dressing. Rubber top!
Oh how I love rubber! I love the feel, the smell, and I LOVE the way it looks!

Black and shiny, we both dig it.
We have two rubber tops in the same style, mine and his. While trying to put mine on it ripped. Scratch that one I will have to use J'3 rubber top.(ch
eck) It's one size smaller but it should fit, I hope.

I found it in our closet and surprisingly, it fit....albeit tight, but it fit. I put on the inflatable rubber bra first, as my breasts don't look so good all smashed into that top.
And I wanted to look hot for him,not a sagging and deflated pancake look. (Wenderoo... you look great. Please rethink the description you wrote. And I don't like my tummy and the rocky raccoon eyes and some other things but you love me just the same. We are not models, we are just us. And this is the history and blog of two loving pervs. I dunno... maybe leave it in but your perfect.)

Its what I wanted to say...and how I I am leaving it!I know we are not models and nobody is perfect. That doesn't mean that I cant attem
pt at being perfect for you

Next the crotchless fishnet stockings. check.....I only have one rubber skirt(check) that fits me now, and it ended up also being ripping by the time the evening was over. But it served its purpose well. (There is a reason things get ripped, torn, scratched, punctured shredded, abused and in some cases destroyed. And we all know what they are. Sitting here smiling.)

My favorite boots! I really got an amazing deal on these boots. And while I really do love all of my boots, surprisingly enough these are the most comfortable and look so freaking hot! Just one of her great choices in pervy clothes. I don't recall if she showed these to me before she ordered them, but I do remember my reaction when I saw them on her the first time. And also thinking "She's going to have a hard time wearing and walking in them." Wrong... she bopped all around San Francisco in them.

I always save the corset,cuffs,collar and gloves for for last, because its hard to bend over in the corset. And once the cuffs and gloves are on....there is no way I can do much with my fingers...such as lacing boots or putting on lip liner.

Almost ready....J3 just called and said about 45 minutes he would be leaving. That gives me a good hour an a half to be totally ready for him. So that when he walks in
the door, his jaw will drop and he will get that look in his eyes of lust that I so adore seeing. I think I also said that I would call when I am on the way home, about a 30 minute drive. But being in a hurry to get home I didn't. Sighs... Mistake. Not a big one but still...

I get home and walking through the house I hear "Babe you said you were going to call when you were coming home." Well I was but, you know, umm... She was sitting there at the computer, she stood up, and looked absolutely edible.
I am almost tongue tied when I look at her and about all I can say is "Wow!! You look GREAT!" Her makeup was perfectly slutty, everything she had on was tight and black, and when she wears the boots it makes her a couple inches taller than me. When I put my arms around her and pulled her towards me it was tough not to kiss her deeply. The lipstick looked great on her and I didn't want to goof it up before we at least took a few pics. She had that look in her eyes and was driving me crazy, a short drive. I know how easily the makeup gets smeared. but I also knew there wo
uld be plenty of time to mess up the make up later.

I ran my hands over her rubber covered ass and felt the pattern of the fishnets pantyhose underneath. I don't think she has wore fishnets before, (You must not pay as close attention to details as I thought. I have worn them on several occasion, the first time was over 8 years ago now, so I really wouldn't expect you to remember.) but will definitely put them on the list of goodies to be worn again. "You said you were going to call when you're on the way. I need to finish getting dressed." Finished? Oh the cuffs and gloves. "Well I'm going to jump into the shower and you can finish." As she walked into the bedroom the sounds of the chains on her boots made me smile huge and just watching her walk with that purposely slutty stride made me almost forget what I was going to do. Yeah, that's it, take a shower.

He was supposed to call. So I could be totally ready for him. He surprised me when he crept (crept?) in the door. OK is crept a word? yes it is....but it isn't the word I should use. he quietly came into the house, so much that I didn't know he was here until he got into the dining area.

I still had to put the cuffs and gloves on. So while he is in the shower I finished that. A few looks around the room to be sure we h ad everything from the list. And I was ready. More than ready.. I wanted him to take me an d use me. And I got exactly what I asked for.

I can always tell when he is pleased because he gets this look in his eyes that could melt ice. And he looks at me and smiles. His eyes are on fire. I did good I thought to myself. With the exception that I had to buckle the wrist cuffs on because while the gloves look great they are definitely not designed for small tasks like the buckles of cuffs.

We ventured into our bedroom and he grabbed me and pulled me closer to him. Now, when I have those boots in I am about 5 inches taller than Jim. And when he pulls me closer his cock rests right at the level of my cunt. He was rock hard and I did that to him. It made me smile.

I know he loves to "show me off" So I had been

taking a few photo's as I was getting ready.

He told me to sit on the bed and then he grabbed the camera and started snapping photo's.

After few of me sitting on the bed, he had me lay down on the bed.A couple more pictures there. And We eventually moved into the computer room.

I believe he truly loves to "show" me off, and because I am so proud to be his. And amazed still to this day that he even contacted me, these are some of the reasons I don't mind saying yes when he asks the question"Show you off as my whore?".
Usually I say no, sometimes I do say yes. But I never thought he was serious.
So he said stand next to the wall.And after a few more pictures he was reaching for the black computer chair, and the he said "No, not that one" as he pulled the green and chrome chair towards me, motioning for me to sit in it.
I sat and he turned around to walk towards the bedroom. I hear he rustling in the closet and the faint clinking of chains.
When he returned to me, he smiled and asked"Chain you?" I smiled and shook my head yes.
SNAP! another picture.

Back to the bedroom he retrieves something else, Ball Gags. "I have one in each hand" he says with a smile "Pick" "Do you want the one in my left"....thunk, one falls to the floor and it sounded heavy, SO I figured that was the BIG ball-gag and I say "left hand." Lucky! It was the small black one. But to my surprise, the one in his right hand was the HUGE red ball gag. I ope my mouth as he slips the small black ball just past my lips. But he doesn't buckle it close. He just lets he hang there in my mouth. SNAP! and another picture.

Then he pulled the straps around my head and buckled it closed. "to tight?" he asks me. "no" I mumble. "Tighter?" he then asks.
I smile through the gag, "no" I say with a sort of plead in my voice.

He knelt down between my legs, and snapped a few more pictures.
And began teasing my cunt. It felt so wonderful! And he asks "is this what you like?" I shake my head yes.
He then started taking a video, asking if I liked being his whore, and why I liked the chains. "do you like me showing you off?" he asks. I shake my head no. "why?" he says. "I don't know" is my reply. I can tell by his expression that he doesn't like my answer.

He slides me over towards the computer. And I breathe a heavy sigh. "Should I show you off?" he says. I look with pleading eyes, and shake my head yes.

"To StillttoStomper? "He asks. Again I just shake my head yes. IN my mind I am thinking, hoping shes not online. She is a woman he met online. From Fetlife I think.
Or maybe it was collarme .com. Anyway,I know he speaks to her occasionally and she seems like a great lady from hearing his high praises of her.She is someone we both want to meet someday. We have recently added her website to our must read blog list, or you can like to her site here --------->>>>
THE STILETTO-BOSS Please go check it out.

I can't wait to meet this woman! She seems pretty down to earth like we are. And I am pretty sure she's almost as pervey as we are!

But not right now. Not right this very minute , Not while I am chained and gagged. Not as my first introduction to her.
Oh goodness, It is going to be on the web cam!
I know from reading her Fetlife profile that she is Domme. But some of her pictures are pretty intense. Lord knows what she may have him do to me on this web cam. She might be evil.More evil then he is.

He says"log into messenger" So I slowly type with my rubber covered fingers and log in.
She's not on!! thank you! thank you! For not being on!
I didn't want our first introduction to be on the web cam. and I really didn't know what to expect. So I was relieved that she wasn't on.

He chuckles..."You are lucky she wasn't on" Do you want to go the the bedroom?" he asks me.
I shake my head yes. And he bends down to unchain me from my bonds to the chair.
Motioning me towards our bed room.
The chains on my feet make me a little wobbly and its so much harder to walk with them on, as I feel sort of unbalanced.

Off to the bedroom I slowly walk and he grabs me and kisses me deeply,"lay on the bed" he says.

I hop onto the bed and he climbs up behind me.
Kissing me again. Asking"Are you my slut?" I shake my head yes, almost in a whisper through the gag I say yes. "say it louder" speaking to me in a stern voice. "I am your slut" I say a little louder this time. Making the extra effort it takes to push the words past the gag in my mouth.

"Should I leave the gag on you?" he says in a questioning voice. I am sure it doesn't matter what my reply is , he will do what he wishes to do tonight.

" I am your bitch" I smile. The gag not too tight, its perfect. He leaves it on.

He starts to tease my cunt again. rubbing my clit slowly. My hips grind towards him as if they are begging for more.
He moves between my legs, his tongue darting all over my clit. It feels fantastic. He really knows how to get me going. I want so badly to feel him deep inside me and I am sure he can tell by my moans that I would love to cum for him. But I secretly want to wait until his cock is deep inside my tunnel. He makes me wait this time.He's going to have me sing for him. to cum while he fists me. His fingers teasing my cunt lips, his tongue dancing on my clit. I am so wet. I feel the coldness of lube spreading across my hot wet pussy and his fingers press in and out of my hole. @ then 3 then 4. I love being fisted! Its such an intense feeling when I cum while he is fisting me.
If you want it, take it. I feel a little more pressure from his palm.
His whole hand slides in as I press my cunt towards his hand. He moves his hand shaking it back and forth all the while telling me "oh yeah! look at you! my whore!" "come on, cum for Daddy" he says. "you can do it" "oh yeas! look at you" my little whore" he tells me and I push my cunt down harder onto his hand clenching his hand with the muscles inside me.
YES!!!! it feels so freaking good. He continues to tell me "yes, that's it! Sing for Daddy" "come on, you can do it" My eyes are closed and I am concentrating on the fullness of his hand. squeezing harder and harder still. I feel it building and building. And I am cumming so hard, it feels so awesome. I am singing , moaning and cumming. And I don't want him to stop! After he lets me calm down a bit...I feel myself relaxing. Almost a heavy sigh from my whole body. And he gently pulls his had out from inside me.
Moving his fingers towards my face. I know what he wants me to do ...And I almost instinctively start licking and sucking his fingers. Tasting myself on them.
MMMMMmmmmm I love licking my sweetness from his fingers. As I eagerly suck them into my mouth, cleaning his hand he is caressing my face and hair and Says in an asking, but stern kind of way"Do you want to be fucked?" "OH YES" I exclaim. he knows how much I love being told hes going to fuck me. To take me and just use me for HIS pleasure.

He moves over top of me, adjusting himself between my legs and I look up at him. The grin on his face is so evil. So amazingly sexy I could have came again just from looking at him.

He slides himself just inside me and I thrust myself towards him. My hips moving in an uprising motion. I begin grinding my self on his cock. "yes! that's it! this is what you like" he says. Uh-huh I manage to mumble. Continuing to buck and grind against his cock.
He starts pushing towards my thrusts and reaches down to tease my clit as he continues to give me what I asked for. A fantastic fucking!
And I am clenching his cock with my muscles now. YEAH!!! Cumming hard, and my breaths are heavy through the gag.
I am telling him "Yes, Oh yes, it feels so fucking good."
I can feel him cumming now.I can feel his dick pulsating as he fills me with his sticky juice. We are both content. He slowly slides himself out of me and pulls away and lays next to me. We are both satiated. Both floating. Both so satisfied that we just lay there in each others arms knowing just how lucky we both are to have found each-other.

To love each-other and to be able to show our love in a way that we both had only dreamt of until we met.We actually have had the good fortune of being able to spend much more pervy time together recently, and its been AMAZING!
And now our dreams are coming true and I cant wait to see what comes next in the wonderful adventure we are sharing, its called life that we are so fortunate to be sharing.

I am going to post this morning, and if Jim wants to add anything later on today, I am sure he will

Thanks for continuing to read and share in our adventure.
We know its been along time since we have been able to update this blog.
But we do appreciate all your comments and love that people are interested in sharing in our adventure.

Be Well- Wendy...and Jim

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