Friday, July 16, 2010

Straight Jacket Wednesday!

In the summer we rarely have time for our pervy self's because my daughter is home so much.
We finally had some "us" time!

I asked Jim, what would you like me to wear and he said.."Do you want to be in the straitjacket?"
I smiled, he knows me so well. "YES!" I replied.
He spent the day teasing and torturing me.
I had missed "us" so much! the release was incredible!

here are some photo's of our fabulous day!
Its always so peaceful when I am locked away inside the jacket and hood. I really could stay here for hrs! And I got to try out my new boots! I just love them!And he always takes his time holding me while I float back to reality. I am the luckiest girl in the world!

Also , YES! I dyed my hair again. I finally did it! And went all black, I often thought I wanted to try it. But was afraid I wouldn't look right. So I took the plunge after finally getting Jim to answer me about what color he likes best. (when I met him I was a blond) and he said dark. So here is my new doo! and We both love it.

Hopefully Jim can post more about our day. I have to run for now.
But I wanted to share the experience with our readers because we know its not that often that we get to update you on our pervy adventures!

Thanks for continuing to read our blog.

Be Well-Wendy


trinity-pup said...

How awesome!! Am loving those boots and your hair looks fab! Glad you managed to fit in some kink time at last!

i always love being encased in my SJ and hood. i know exactly how you felt! :-)

Fab post, as ever!

t. x

J3 and his slut Wendy said...

thank you t. sweet of you to say. yes there is something so calming about being bound this way,I love it!