Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Summer!

With the 4th of July weekend already here, We have to say summer is in full swing!
Although its really sad because the terrorist is home most of the time and we haven't had any pervy time in a long while!

The really sad news is we also lost our best friend Rocky (Rocket)

Rocky P, the never defeated survivor, born sometime in the mid 90's, stepped out of the ring, hung up his championship belt, and claimed his spot in the eternal sunbeam by the window at 12:55 AM 6.26.2010. Fortunate are all that met him.

I know how bad I am feeling, So I can only imagine that Jim is hurting so badly, as Rocky was his companion for over 7yrs now. And I know he was always there for Jim to comfort him when he needed it.
He will be missed....but never forgotten.He was the best boy ever!

The good news is I purchased a new rubber blouse that I want to wear for Jim maybe I will get the chance to soon.

I miss the pervy us.... and when we get the chance (maybe next Wednesday when terrorist goes to day camp) we can play dress up!

Well that's the latest update.

We hope all our readers are having a fantastic summer!

Be Well-Wendy &Jim


trinity-pup said...

Hey Jim and Wendy

Long time no comment from me... and i am sorry! Hope you are well. Awww so sad to hear of the demise of your cat :-(

The rubber blouse sounds interesting! Pics please! Pretty please? :-)


pup x

J3 and his slut Wendy said...

Hey pup! Hope your having lots of pervy fun this hearing from you. Will get right on those enough 'us time" I sound like a broken record!