Monday, August 9, 2010

Summertime Wednesday, and the Living is Easy

So I told Wendy that would do this blog entry but something came up (No snarky remarks please) and its taking me longer than it should have to write it. So to keep my promise to her, and to you readers, here are the pics only. I know, I know theres supposed to be writing and explanations and all sorts of verbose stuff. But it's summertime! Life is supposed to be easy. I'll be verbal again when the leaves start to fall and sweater weather rolls back around. Until then enjoy this glimpse of our last Wednesday. We had a wonderful time and hope it shows in the images of us.

Stay Happy and Pervy,


trinity-pup said...

Wow.... i think the pictures speak for themselves!

Loving the boots especially!

Enjoy the summer.

t. x

Haven De Lancret said...

My girl would kill for those boots!