Monday, January 21, 2008


This past weekend Wendy was reborn. I'm always shocked in seeing how helpless a person looks in a hospital bed, and seeing her in one is especially hard. The surgery went well and after recuperating I expect us to get back up to speed. No timetable though, were taking it day by day. We're going to have a lifetime to love, and grow, and take day trips toward the blue sky. Just a couple of pervy goofs "out to have some fun". Sung to the Disney tune "I'm Chip, I'm Dale... we"re just a couple of happy chipmunks...." You get the idea.

I have the most amazing partner, love and Master! I am not sure about the reborn part, kinda sounds like I found new religion. lol. But the surgery was and is a tool to help me achieve a healthy lifestyle and to continue to live healthy so my Master and I can live a long happy life together.

He has been taking such good care of me since the surgery. I am always amazed by his caring and understanding. The love I feel from him fills me so completely and I am forever grateful to him for this love and the relationship we share.

I feel ok. Not great, but not terrible either. I know its going to take some time and I am sure that in a few weeks I will be feeling 100% again, but I was told it is expected and yes we are taking it day by day. In no time I am sure we can return to our pervy self's and he will be able to take me and use me as his whore once again.

When the time is right it will happen. I am sure with the absence of our alt lifestyle for a while will make for great play once we ( rather me) are up to it again.I look forward to those times and our future together. These thoughts are what keep me smiling and knowing that I did the right thing.

Thank you to everyone for their love and prayers



Lilj * Daddy (Nawa*G) said...

Hey guys...

We are so proud of Wendy and what she is doing. It is definately a rebirth and we look forward to the days and months ahead and seeing her progress. We hope you will be well enough to make the Feb Rope meeting *S

G & j

J3 & his slut Wendy said...

Thanks so much you two! It means alot to me to kow that I have such caring friends!
I dont think we will make it to the FEb meet. But we are shooting for March for sure!